Duration of esportspacks

I really want to know how many time I have to buy one and when βˆ†

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They are normally up for like 2-4 days and you can buy them normally when an eSports event is going on :+1:


It can vary. During the major Gears eSport tournaments the packs tend to be available throughout the duration which typically start on a Friday I think, and through the entire weekend (the pack itself tends to drop on the Friday).

Aside from that the packs are usually available for a 24 hour period on the day of the Fight Night streams which are on Wednesdays. There is pretty much always a stream on a Wednesday, mostly Fight Night events, but occasionally other things too.

There is occasional deviation from this, and can be available for a bit longer - like a 48 hour period.

Also any particular pack will be promoted for a period of 2-3 months before the next one is released. Once a new pack comes out, the focus will be on that. Older packs are occasionally made available again, but it’s relatively rare.

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Never noticed them being up on Fight night before …

I always seem to miss them somehow

The fight night ones are normally 24hr from 1pm EST of the Wednesday.

The Esports pack with Black Steel Dom/Baird/Cole is back up now. Grab em while you’re at it!

And while im here, please bring back some Black Steel locusts on the next Esports packs, id like to pick up some few locusts.

I need Pack 7 for Beast Rider :+1: