Duplicate Skill cards are not reverting to scrap

One of my skill cards has reached level 5 and now has an addition 7 attached to it. Should the 7 have
converted to scrap?


I’ve seen this as well. My brawler skill with Lahni is maxed out and I’ve got 6 duplicates for it. My guess is that they plan on adding a level 6 to the skill cards (Like they did in Gears4). So that when they add it, you already have your dupes and might be able to upgrade it when they launch it. But I would like the option to destroy the duplicates for scrap.

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I don’t like how you can’t scrap cards like in Gears of War 4. I liked being able to get rid of skills I never used and upgrade the ones I do.

Several threads on this topic, basically it could be multiple things.

  1. They dont want scrap to be easily farmable even in small amounts.

  2. Theyll convert later.

  3. They may intend to increase the max level cap and they can then be used to upgrade them past level 5 after all Gears 4 released Rank 6 later.

  4. Its working as they intended.

Until its known exactly what’s going on it’d be hard to react to it properly.

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I now have 30 duplicates on one skill card and 18 on another