Duplicate character select

Dear lord whoever decided on this needs sacking

Just incorporate a LOCK button once you are the character yo u want to be.

How is it I can spend 90% of the time in the lobby and when someone else picks the same character with 2 seconds to go I’m the one who gets switched

And this is why every horde game is full of constant quitters


Totally agree. Maybe lock it before we enter a lobby so we end up with people and their preferred character. It can’t be that hard?


It doesn’t require any thought at all. As soon as I realised that’s what it was doing I quickly thought why not have a lock feature

Exactly! A lock/ready button would be great. I’ve had games where my character gets changed so last second I end up as Jack or something. I would have rather been given a chance to choose another at the very least


I honestly cant believe this wasn’t implemented.

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Esp ranking up characters is so important with achievments and medals. If someone’s games starts and the yare switched they are gonna leave 100%

Yeah. They obviously aren’t gonna change the whole you have to be this character to be this class thing.

So at least full proof the current way.

I always seem to get switched. Annoying as hell, well not hell, that place is probably really annoying.

It’s hard enough finding a match across 7 difficultlies (remove 2 or 3). They just need to cut the no duplicate bs. If everyone starts being jd that’s your fault for not properly balancing the classes. I don’t see any value to keeping this especially if they plan on adding more tanks, engineers, scouts, etc.


Yeah no need for the amount of difficulties but never had an issue finding games on any of them. Are you using custom search?

I do as it’s the better option. the issue is more in public matches, escape is even worse.

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Yeah I’ll give you that, escape is worse for it.

What exactly was wrong with the old difficulties. I know they added more in Gears 4 but yeah, pointless really.

I think they thought this game would maintain a huge player base. As the numbers dwindle they will need to find ways to keep match search times down and removing difficulties and the no duplicate rule will need to be considered.

forget the lock just allow us to play who we want and build strategies from there.

If we want 3 Kait’s that should be fine fine. If we want five Del’s great it should be for the user to decide. if we can not see the value of the varied skills sets that on us.


Thanks RedDoog888. My sentiments exactly.

I’m actually OK with not having any duplicates and I hope TC sticks to its vision, I’d personally hate to see duplicate characters in Escape and I actually like it the way it is now. TC should create more decent (and balanced out) alternatives though.

I’ve seen 2 Macs in Escape and 2 Jacks in horde, so not like it works anyway


Unbind classes from characters. Bring back player freedom of choice.

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Its perfectly fine as is. No monotonous stuff. They should even do it in ranked versus. Not allowing 2x same character.

Currently though, there is a bug that allows 2x the same character in horde and escape by repeatedly clicking on that character even if it says duplicate.

Fix it then do a leaderboards wipe. Too many bug abusers

It can also occur if someone joins a lobby as the timer ends and duplicates don’t get switched out. Made me end up in matches with duplicate Kaits at least once.

What’s the problem with having duplicates anyway? I tend not to make use of that but it doesn’t seem to have a major effect on gameplay as I have passed Master runs with two Macs and one Keegan in Escape(note : wasn’t me doing the glitching, I just went along with it and I personally don’t care for leaderboards that much, but usually prefer to not have duplicates in Escape).


No it’s not fine. It takes away player freedom of choice. I don’t want to be forced to play a character I don’t like for a particular class. They need to unbind classes and get rid of the hero system. It is a terrible concept.