Duplicate Cards/Gears Coins

I don’t if this is greedy or not but can you make it so that extra cards past level 6 become gears coins? I have several level 20 characters with level 6 cards and tons of duplicates it would be awesome if they could yield some type of reward. Thanks in advance!


I hope they do something
The system is keeping track of duplicates after all

I got like 2000 Legendary Dubs, at this Point i don’t even care anymore because all Cards are lvl 6 except for the Striker…

Let’s hope Gears 6 will have lvl 6 Cards at Launch AND a Scrap System.

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Third time’s a charm, right?

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Yeah :grin:

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This question has come up several times before, and has each time been met by tc with lots of wringing of hands and “not a priority now but maybe sometime”, spoken in the most uncertain manner that the spokesperson in question can muster. I feel I’ve kind of had it with tc’s bizarre prioritizing and don’t really expect that this much needed feature will make it in, but I do wish tc would have the balls to address the question in certain terms and give us an honest and definitive answer.


Can’t wait for them to do that and then see people complaining how we need level 7 cards lol

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whistles innocently


up to a total limit of 100,000 Gear Coins.

Nice one, Sera. Very cool.

It’s not me in the least - That is on Michael Shannon. I am just so excited to get to reveal it - there is a lot of things I love in Op. 7, but that one has me deeply pleased.


This is quite nice, I had actually stopped playing classes I loved because it felt like I wasn’t making progress anymore when cards start to max. This will let me go back to playing classes I love, enjoying the game, and still getting some reward I can use to progress several of my less played classes.

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But if you are asking genuinely

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Eh … Young?

Also, I am really jealous of the OP now. First time on the forums and get an amazing answer to their question. I don’t know how, but you timed that very well lol.


The community managers