Dumb question, how long is the first operation? 2 weeks remaining?

I thought operations were supposed to go for 3 months, but when I go to my “Tour of Duty” section it says “Operation 1 - Week 1 - 2 Weeks Remaining.” Looking through the medals, I don’t see how anyone would get all that done in two weeks, so I’m assuming it is three months, but I have no idea what the “2 weeks remaining” is referring to. Anyone know?

While I’m asking dumb questions (I have a list of them going), what’s the deal with Expressions? You seem to assign them to direction on the D-pad, but I can’t figure out how to use them in game. Also, how do you know which one you’ll use if you’re the MVP?


It is meant to be several months, not weeks. I believe that will be changed.


If you’re playing on a controller you hold in the right thumb stick then press the direction on the d pad that you have said expression assigned to

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Oh okay, thanks, that’s good to know. If it was really 2 weeks I don’t think I woul have even tried for any of those haha.

@II_D0NUT_II - Thanks! Could not figure that out for the life of me.

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This is a good question. We should at least know for certain if the operation will be longer or if it really resets in 2 weeks as it says in game. Some folks may be grinding for the General level spending actual money (iron) replacing objectives for more stars. @TC_Octus are you able to confirm if OPERATION 1 is longer or ends in 2 week as it says in game, please? Or @GhostofDelta2 are you able to reach one of the TC folks to confirm?

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I asked Octus about it a few days ago and he confirmed it is months not weeks and that is a placeholder

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Thanks!!! For checking with them and for letting us know!

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Not a problem :slight_smile: