Dropshot missing

I just watched the whole stream and answered the questions and didn’t get to claim my dropshot…what happened?

I skipped this stream as I didn’t find it necessary to have a Canadian skin.

It worked fine after answering the questions. They even made all questions available at the same time at the end and the stream was left open some minutes after it finished.

Did you take a screenshot or something?

I answered all questions but it said I missed the 2nd one. I hit the question mark to answer but it wouldn’t let me. Then the stream was over.

Even if you got the answers correct, or incorrect you should of been able to still claim the skin. I confirmed it did work and was able to claim.

That being said there is an official thread: Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins?
Please read over the original post in full detail and post your issue in that thread. Some one will look investigate it. Please wait for a response once you’ve made your claim

Thank you, and will be closing this.