Dropshot Idea For Gears 5 (if Dropshot returns)

Anyone think it would be a good idea to be able to shoot the drill bit of the Dropshot in the air causing it to explode or do you think it would ruin the weapon and make it too easy to evade? I think it would make since but might nerf the weapon too much. Maybe make it multiple shots to cause it to explode? that way it becomes more of a skill shot and harder to shoot down.

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I don’t understand what you mean. Do you mean the shot shoots up a bit, hovers and acts as a mine to be detonated a little later?

No. Do not ask to change any of the weapons now. Dropshot is just fine as is.

No, I mean that when someone shoots the dropshot at you, you can shoot the drill bit before it shoots down into the ground. Think like shooting a planted 'nade but it’s the drill bit in the air.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA I’m not asking to change it for Gears 4 (they wouldn’t do that anyway) but for Gears 5

I for one would like to be able to shoot the dropshot out of the sky with a longshot.

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Ah I see. I wouldn’t be against it. Needs to be balanced right. The shot travels reasonably fast, but it shouldn’t be super fragile causing the user to die. Maybe the approach should be that this is a defensive thing rather than about killing the user.

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Thats what I mean, It wouldn’t kill the user (unless you pull of some god-like skill shot and shoot it right after it is fired which I think could be a ribbon of some kind to highlight how skillful that would be) but would mainly be for defensive purposes.

Alternatively how would people feel if the shot knocks the drill/explosive out of the air, and it just lands randomly close by and explodes, doing damage to anyone close by (from either side, or just the enemy side)? Might add some randomness to preceeding…