Dropshot headshot splash damage (versus)


I remember there was a question sometime ago if a Dropshot headshot actually exploded with splash damage in Versus. I THOUGHT it didn’t but I wasn’t sure. I got a good clip of it last night, yes, it does).

You can see the round clearly home in on the person’s head, you hear the head shot sound, and both die - but in the feed they both show up as regular Dropshot kills, no headshot…


Ok thanks!

There’s always been splash damage though. I’ve done it a few times when I USED to play. Same thing went for Horde with it. I’ve also seen it in KOTH when two or more go for the hill and BOOM! DEAD!!! Triple Kill

Okay, we get it, you don’t play the game anymore.

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At least I added in my input to the OP’s thread about splash damage. Don’t get all bent out of shape my man

Hahaha! I noticed that! You were being constructive!