Dropping heavy weapons on ledge

I was playing The Choke some days ago and realized that the women characters weren’t able to drop the heavy weapons on the ledges anymore, but all the men characters were able to. I don’t know if this is something with all other boards, but I’ve noticed it here.

I had to have all the men characters do it because it was impossible for me. Is this some sort of ghost update? Have any of y’all experienced this also?

Haven’t tried this yet since Op 3 I believe. Are you referring to dropping them off a ledge or over cover? Only character I’ve ever had an issue doing this with was Lahni due to her relatively small size, no such problem throwing Salvos or Tri-Shots over cover(unless it was an oddly shaped object with rounded rather than flat/90° edges) with Lizzie.

Dropping them off a ledge. I had Lizzie and I couldn’t do it. Even let a Lahni do it and she had the same problem also. Mac and Marcus had no problems doing it.

It’s always been a thing for as long as I can remember. Most female characters can’t as they’re shorter. I remember Sarah Connor could but needs a few tries, but she’s a bit taller. I remember Lizzie took several goes too but is doable.

Good to know they’re putting in at least a small difference in physical capability between the male and female characters. This social justice crap has gone way too far already.


This is not true. The trick is to angle the heavy weapon properly. I use Lahni a lot and have no problems dropping heavy weapons on ledges and hopping over to pick them back up.

Why is it I never even thought about trying to do that lmao, I reach a part where I gotta climb over Im just like bye bye heavy weapon.

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What hive are you playing in? I’ve never had a issue with this with any character until recently. Something has changed.

All the Op2 maps.

Recently, The Clock.

The Clock doesn’t have that issue. I’m referring to The Choke. For some reason when you get to both paths, where the lever to the safe room at, when you try to put a heavy weapon across the ledges, it keeps dropping for the smaller characters.


Come on, you know I don’t have that. That Xbox recorder is the worst! I’ve tried to record us doing it, but it didn’t record enough to get the clip.

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You can take a screenshot on Xbox. Just so I can see what part of the map you mean.

I took a screenshot from a YouTube clip. Cole is in the area were the lever at, before the safe room.

I’ll try it with Lahni

look up
M A D gains

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Sounds toxic to me.

Mac is good at putting heavy weapons on ledges due to how tall he is.

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Wasn’t able to do it as Sarah. Maybe she can, but has a harder time or something, but I’m not used to it doing it with women characters. Maybe there’s a different technique I don’t know about. As male characters I’ve just been running up to the ledge and switching to pistol and that just throws it over. As Sarah that doesn’t work, so I’m standing there trying to angle it over and it’s not working so I just gave up.

edit: nvm you just need to look upwards towards the ceiling before you drop it. So it does work with Sarah, but haven’t tried with Lahni.

I’ve done it with Sarah with more success than the other female characters. It’s not as consistent as with the male characters. She seems like one of the taller ones so maybe that’s it? I don’t think I’ve ever managed it as Lahni before.