Downed Enemies Made Harder to Kill

I was wondering if downed opponents have been made harder to kill in competitive? I have shot at downed players at range with multiple Boltoks, Lancers, Markza and Hammerburts shots, only for them to be revived. To me it seems the assault rifles and non-high tier precision weapons take more shots to finish of downed targets than they did last season. Am I just tripping or have downed shots to kill been increased?

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


I’ve noticed it too.
It takes about a magazine and a half with a lancer to kill an already down enemy.

Not sure what TC changed to make this start happening.


You have more life when DBNO than when you load into a match with spawn protection


Not just competitive, against bots as well. I’ve had a moment where even an EMBAR wasn’t enough to kill a downed opponent.


Fully agree, in fact at times it is laughable how the enemy does not die, I’m sure it is the same for opposition, when I have managed to crawl into cover under heavy rifle bombardment.

Yes, good! I’m glad you posted this.

It’s ridiculous how much a DBNO enemy can sponge. It feels like they can absorb more damage than they could whilst standing.

Very infuriating in tense situations.


Butt shots with longshot cant kill a dbno enemy either.

Feels like i die instantly though.


You can (probably) thank TCs “special” DBNO rules for that where they make DBNOs harder to kill the further they are away. Because why make things simple when you can overcomplicate them beyond reason.



It’s LITERALLY an entire magazine!

But it’s TC, so dumb is to be expected.

I witnessed my friend pump half a mag into a downed person who didn’t die.

I also saw @TC_Clown pump almost half a mag into a downed person too yesterday.

It’s extremely annoying, like very highly annoying. Give us our friggin kills.

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Yes I’ve absolutely noticed this and it’s annoying as hell

I thought this was only on Control? Can anyone else confirm?

Iirc that change was made with the launch of OP7 and was never mentioned in any TWIGs or patch notes - double checked just now.

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I think it is too, im not home unfortunately.

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I remember seeing people mentioning it shortly after release, but it was never addressed. No surprise.

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That explains why I shot a DBNO player 3 times with a boltok at long range and they didn’t die.

Yea, they’ve added damage mitigation to DBNO targets. It’s actually a good idea, to counter the crossing & to encourage riskier plays to grab power weapons. However, super overtuned and surprised it hasn’t been nerfed/lowered.

It’s actually stupid at this point


Must show proof😉

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How are you guys only noticing this now?

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Gotten used to it tbh.

Not that big of a problem / I like it now.