Down but not out

can someone please explain how this mechanic supposed to work?

cuz there’s times I can do 85 to 99 Point damage sometimes even 100% and they and they still just walk away like nothing ever happened.

You seriously asking this after 2 years? After the countless threads with the very answer anyone can find?



yeah I know I just see wanted to see everybody is saying about it to day

Well even today there are several threads all telling you the same thing,

Lag, terrible lag comp and inconsistent Gnasher.

The sponge in this game is crazy too.

There’s your answers :+1:

Yeah I figured as much, One thing I would like to know what is the base threshold for going down?



I literally laughed out loud! Nice!

50% damage and above = earns a down.

No. It’s 100% damage actually

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN is right. You have to deal 100% damage to down your opponent . 99% wont down anybody neither anything above 50%. It has to be 100%

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