Down Against Juvies

Even after years of paying Gears 5, I wish that when you were down in Horde and Escape, you could fight against a Juvie until a teammate can rescue you, similar to how you can fend off against Drones for a while until a teammate saves you.


I would think everyone does since it makes no logical sense you can fight off an opponent your size for a minute after getting shot or bashed down but some pisstake Juvie or Leech can immediately execute you with no resistance because reasons.

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And while it was technically just a cutscene, when JD was stuck under the King Raven, he dodged a Juvie’s fists until Del came to save him. Why can’t that be transferred into the game.

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I always think of that scene whenever this is brought up. They could at least reuse the animation from that, even if it’s a scripted gameplay event where the player doesn’t do anything.

Of course they’re not gonna do it in Gears 5 because they pretty much killed it off, but there’s no excuse for them not to in 6. And to get rid of the ridiculous insta executing BS.

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