Double xp weekend

Can u please bring back double xp weekends back too gears 5 please I’m at re up 29 and I’m going up very slowly

I think that’s exactly what they want though


But they just had a 10 day event with double xp…


4x xp👍

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Christ I’m only Re Up 5 and think its slow as hell.

Cant wait

It’s not bad until you get up around re-up 16 then you really notice it…Well I did anyway.

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I was like oh im flying with the re-up and then after 15 I was like this is going to take years :frowning:

Its extremely slow lol. I gave up on reaching 50 and now just play the game lol.

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I only powered through when we had the 6x xp events. Even the last one we had at 4x was not worth it. I managed to get to re-up 46 and got the first set of wings and now I’ve given up. At 33.5 k xp per lvl it’s stupid slow. Just waiting for the re-up change to be announced and see what happens. Either way it’s not worth it.

I am currently at re-up 42. Since I don’t have boost, I am not bothering to grind since it would take around 25 or so minutes per level without it and that is just too damn slow. If I had boost, I would definitely try to grind out about 25 levels a day or so since that would take about 5.5 hours of labor which should be doable most of the time, provided I get enough work done prior. Perks of being up later.

Oh and during the event, I persevered through the monotonous grind every day of it. Can’t say I didn’t make a ton of progress, that’s for sure.

Yeah see I can’t do that LE crap anymore. I’ve lost so many brain cells doing that already.

When I did it, I also was doing something else concurrently (watching YouTube or Twitch for instance.) so that made it a lot more bearable.

Besides I feel like it’s not worth it due to the re-up changes coming. Gotta see what we are up for before anymore grind.

My guess is that it will be like the Allies xp changes

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Buy boost and play horde the first blood ribbon method makes you feel that

How do you do that? I’m on re-up 19 trying to get to 20 for Seriously but it takes forever. I play mostly PvP and after a 30 minute match I get like a quarter of a level with boost. I tried Horde Master 1-50 but at most I get 3 levels after 2 and a half hours (and that is with boost).

I’m not asking for top secret information, just a few guidelines to get to 20 faster.

PVP is the worst way to get xp, the best way is to farm ribbons in horde/escape.

Lots of ppl do first blood ribbon, load up lethal engagements on master and execute the enemy out side the door then u need to restart act and as soon as the screen goes black return to lobby, should get 3.5k xp or so (with boost)…

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Gave me considerably more XP than 30 minutes playing Ranked. Whoever designed the XP tables is a … I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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