Double XP not working now

Just had a really good match in horde finishing with just under 6000 XP
It gives me my cards and ribbons but under bonuses I get 1 star for time no double XP

If ■■■■ I pay for is going to stop working I am done with this game, have a great game get ■■■■ on wow


I’m paying for it so damn right I’m twisting, ■■■■ that every game tonight no boost.
If I wasn’t paying for it no biggie, now will never see another dime from me.


Isn’t that what people use these forums for?

To see if others are having the same issues… You want him to create a facebook group or something lol.


2 things to suggest.

  1. Create a ticket detailing this. Video footage and photos and tik toks and whatever has footage of this happening lol. sorry im working all day and im trying to keep myself entertained but yeah ticket … send one in.

  2. Get onto Microsoft and tell them a product you piad for is not delivering. TC is a Microsoft studio and from what I hear they move pretty quickly when its comes to financial matters.

Litteraly thats all you can do other than NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM TC AGAIN! … ahem … excuse me … don’t know where that came from. I just think TC or Microsofts handling of the store in 4 and 5 has been completely horrible so I don’t buy anything from it. That and I can’t stand small purchases like skins and what not unless they are added in with campaign DLC.


Micro transactions suck

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Coalition doesn’t care and developer stream will ignore this.


I’ll be amazed if they touch on it

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It’s disgusting. It’s a paid product.
Why is customer service so bad?
Why is it broken like this for so long?


Ill never understand how someone can buy them. They do absolutley nothing for me what so ever.

I honestly don’t know but what I do know is gaming development has really taken a nose dive over the last few or more years. I know they fix problems online and what not but honestly for the life of me I can not remember a game launched in such a state in the PS1 and 2 and Xbox 360 generation. Like I know there were games with problems because every game has them but like I can’t remember one that caused so much grief or wiped progression or wouldn’t play. I am sure someone will point out how wrong I am but I never bought a game with so many obvious and game breaking problems.

Sorry OP if this is not related to your topic its just a pet peeve of mine.


If it doesn’t contribute anything to my entertainment then I don’t need it

Thats the crazy thing is I have been gaming for almost 30 years now and I can count on 1 hand the dlc and micro transactions I have bought but was grinding and said why not lol.

Then this ■■■■ happens and now I’m going back never paying for this ■■■■ or any other micro transactions again thanks to this.
The grind in this game is dumb and they got me, at this point I don’t even know how long I haven’t been receiving my XP

The first incident reported was like almost a week ago now, but you could’ve lost it an anytime recently tbh

Micro transactions tho have always been bs and will remain that way because micro transactions

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