Double tour of duty stars

Just wondering if anybody knows of and double xp weekends or double tour of duty star dates coming up? Having a hard time getting stars as I don’t play Escape and ranked at all really :expressionless:

Is double trouble still up? I used that to get pretty much all of the arcade stars.

It is but I’m not all too good with sniping :joy:

I think Lizzie only needs 50 dropshot kills which isn’t so bad. Whenever you can get away with it, use the claw. Probably the best gun in the game right now.

I’ve just smashed out the 100 kills since yesterday. It’s unreal.

Just get some boost. Double stars are always active if you have boost.


Just a headsup if you’re unaware, but characters come with 3 days free boost for 500 iron…if you’ve had your eye on a skin it could save you some $$

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If there’s a way around spending actual money on this game, that would be better. Thanks for the advice though :ok_hand:

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I highly doubt we’ll see any new “double star” events or weekends simply because boost now gives you permanent double stars and XP.

I bought the OP2 pack and got 30 days of boost that made completing the tour a breeze.


You can earn 500 Iron per Operation. Each 100 Iron gets you 24 hrs of boost. If you have time to play, you can make some huge progress.

If I buy some boost will it double the medal stars too?

Nope, just daily stars.

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Just daily objectives but you get 1 free roll. So you can complete 4 objectives per day. If you by some boost, along with completing some medals, you can get it done pretty quickly

Rockstar codes still work. 24 hours of boost, and also a lot of caffeine. :wink:

Collect Microsoft points and exchange it for gift cards which in turn can be used to buy Boost (amongst other things). Takes a bit of time but if you have the patience to do this and save up points, you can get the occasional Boost or whatever.

I don’t play ranked or escape and I’m nearly at general. Just from horde and arcade medals and daily challenges. I should make general this operation as I missed it in the 1st