'Double Stars' Saturday

So, this ‘Double Stars’ Saturday doesn’t even ■■■■■■■ work properly. Today I got 3 new objectives (Win a Versus Match on Exhibit - 3 Stars, Get 10 Eliminations as Mac or Swarm Imago - 1 Star, and Get 7 Ring Captures in Versus - 3 Stars). So I did the 10 eliminations one first, seeing as it’s the easiest one. 1 Star on a Saturday should have given me 2 Stars. It didn’t but it’s only 1 Star, so hey, no biggie.
But then I noticed something weird. Whenever I would check my daily objectives, the blue stars (indicative of the Double Stars event) wouldn’t show up next to the regular stars as they should. So, I closed the window down and opened it again and there they were. Initially I thought it was just a visual glitch, so I thought nothing of it.
With that in mind, I search for a KOTH game and luckily, Exhibit was one of the choices so I thought “I might as well try to get both objectives done at the same time” which I ended up doing.
Mind you, that when I started this, I was Major III with 2 Stars progression towards the next TOD rank. Thus, by the logic of Double Stars Saturday, I should have earned over 12 Stars through these two challenges and should have been left with only 1 Star left to get to the next rank.
As you might imagine, because this post exists, this did not happen. I only ended up earning 6 Stars from both of these challenges, leaving me with having to earn 7 additional Stars to reach the next TOD rank instead of just 1.
Now, unless, for some stupid, ungodly reason, the Stars from the ‘Double Stars’ event are awarded to you AFTER the event ends, it is clear that the event is not working as intended and if that’s the case, what’s even the point of ■■■■■■■ releasing it in the first place without making sure that Stars are awarded correctly?

Attached above are 2 images. The first one is straight after I finished the match in the rewards screen showing you that, clearly, I have completed both the challenges in this one match and I did not receive the Stars that I should have been awarded.
The second image shows the Operation 1 screen where your daily objectives are shown. This one shows that, apparently, those two objectives I have JUST completed SHOULD have rewarded me with double the Stars.
Fix your god damn ■■■■, TC.

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