Double stars question

Should I wait to do the Friday night challenges until Saturday to get double stars or will it only be active from 8pm tomorrow? (Time my challenges roll over)

“Based on the results and generally positive responses to the event, we’ve decided to turn on Double Stars in Tour every Saturday for Boosted players from 2am PT on Saturday – 10am PT on Sunday!”

Best idea would be to not complete any in a day where that 2am PT time is in it, unless it doesn’t give you enough time to do it based on your circumstances

Easier way is that it starts 9 hours after reset.



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No worries.

“9 hours after reset”.
THAT’s just the info I was looking for.
I’ll raise a beer to you now Ghost (it’s early arvo as you know, so yeah, guess I’m starting late).

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What brand of beer?

Story of my life.

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Miller Genuine Draft.
I know, it’s not very Aussie of me, but 99% of our beers taste dingo p*ss.

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I figured whatever you answered, it wouldn’t be Fosters.

Haha for sure.
I know we’re getting off topic here but, can you even get Fosters here?
I haven’t seen it anywhere since the early 90’s.
Thought it was just for pomms, like Outback Steakhouse is only for seppos.

Crown Lager is Fosters btw.

I was a manager at a Dan’s for years, and we had a tiny selection of Fosters brand beer. It confused a lot of tourists.

Thought Crownies were just overpriced vb, but all good, you learn somethin’ new everyday =]
Dan’s as in O’Rieley’s? If so, being an ‘Irish’ bar, stocking Foster’s would kinda make sense.
But honestly, other than being former sponsors of the F1 & those old Barry McKenzie films, it’s a rarity to have seen it anywhere inside Aus. I don’t know about other states, but it’s been non-existent in QLD, that is of course until the whole hipster thing, but even then…

Feel bad highjacking this thread to discuss beer.
But I guess you answered the OP, so all good.

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I don’t care haha

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