Double Stars not working again

Double stars are not working , this happened last weekend as well . Is anyone else having this issue?

double stars are only on Saturdays and for those with boost active

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But also sometimes it is broken. If you have boost but didn’t get your stars (which happens) just post about it to them on twitter.
They have been ok at getting them to you but it does take time.

Small note, I do feel it’s a bit irritating that double stars doesn’t apply whether or not you have boost but that’s the way it is unfortunately.

I keep seeing ppl comment about how they didn’t do double stars last weekend so everyone’s boost would run out


I had no boost last weekend and did indeed have double stars :slight_smile:

Somethings defo broken

Well sweet because I had no boost or stars yesterday until I bought a rockstar and got boost.

Pay to Ranked Up lol seems to be the new thing on Gears 5.