Double downs unfair situation

Isn’t it crazy how the person that gets the first shot off during a double down situation is actually penalized for it?

Let’s say player A shoots and enemy down during a battle and through the “magic” of “lag compensation” that enemy , player B, gets a shot off and downs the other player

Because player B got downed first, they actually get to get up first, assuming both players are pressing A or what ever button they rise with as fast as possible.

So the player that actually downed the other first is actually getting the short end of the stick

Just a quick thought.


Yeah, I always found that strange as well.

Maybe the game does something on the back-end to account for it. I doubt it, but maybe.
I honestly don’t know what they could do to fix it.

Thinking about it further though…
If player A gets downed .5 sec (exaggeration) late, because of latency, they’ll stand up .5 sec later.
However, if both players shoot immediately after standing up, if the latency is the same, they should be equal, right?
Sure, player B will get the shot off .5 sec earlier, but due to the latency, it would still take .5 sec to register.
…so if that’s what’s happening, I guess it could theoretically be balanced…maybe…

I feel like the DBNO time is ridiculous.

Everyone played with a 5 sec DBNO time.

None of this half a year down rubbish.

Should be quick get ups.

When I play Private Warmup - it’s always 1 sec DBNO as it keeps the matches flowing.

But 5-7.5s for ranked would be perfect.

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I am totally fine with the down time as it is atm but thats just me. What is it? 15 or 10 in public?

It’s so long that it’s almost pointless trying to get back up.

Yeah I see what you’re saying but in game it feels completely different. Of course there are tons of user error that can cause it to feel as if the second player (the one that got downed first) actually gets up first and gets the shot off first. but it also seems to be a reoccurring theme. its to the point where if i know for a fact i got my shot off first ( or at least i feel like i did cause you never know with the lag) i’ve trained myself to try to make the other person miss although it is almost useless. but idk i cant think of anything to remedy this either so i guess we just deal with it