Double boosted stars

I started Gears 5 late, but I’m trying to catch up for the General rank anyway. Already Major General I,
When I join the game, the Tour of Duty was displayed running for 17 weeks. So I was confident to reach the General rank in time. But since the last week update, it was reduced to 12 weeks. So now I’m kind in a hurry. Thank you, by the way…
So I take advantage of every double stars available and spend even a bit of Iron earned to reroll my challenges as much as I can when it’s doubled. But it happened twice or more that I did my challenges when simple stars directly change for the next day and discover a few hours later that it’s now doubled. So for example, I completed challenges for simple stars today as soon as they were available, and now they appear doubled but don’t count doubled for my progression anyway. It’s so frustrating !
Can you just warn in game on when exactly it will be doubled to avoid feeling frustrated like this ? I and most of the people I’m sure would appreciate it a lot !

All saturdays are double stars as long as you have boost available. You can get 2 sets (or more) if you time it correctly. My stars reset everyday at 8pm so if I get my stars on saturday 6pm, I can an extra set after 8pm.