Doppelgänger of me

Hey guys,

So found out through a friend of mine that I have a double who is trolling my name.

Don’t know why I was picked, but his tag and picture are exactly like mine except his is with the L in Hulk.

If you don’t see the one please know it’s not me.

Unfortunately no pic was given to me. But my fellow gears please be aware.

Thank you

Not sure who to trust now


Wait, so those ‘send nudes’ messages weren’t from you ? :sleepy:

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HAHA :slight_smile:

No, Not this time.

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ok man… I have happen to see anyone suspicious I’ll let you know.

Its really more of a thing where I don’t want my name smeared, or to potentially hurt other’s.

I mean the game itself is already stressful and now this.

But again, thank you.

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We really haven’t had a good time playing this game… at least TC it seems that wants to fix things to make it better… Maybe there’s hope at the end of the road man.

= )

One can only hope mate :smile:

The other thing that sucks, is that the last 2 guides that I have completed will be delayed until I can get this mirror VS match cleared up.

Wait, how do we know your not the imposter jumping in with this “defence” BS first to throw us of track and trust the wrong daddy

This stinks of THE THING

I say put their blood in lil dishes an test it before anyone draws any conclusions

@T0NY_HAYABUSA is thinking straight atleast

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I have noting to hide.

“Bring forth the dish!”… “Wait, what is Curt Russell doing here”





Ahhhhhhhhhh ruuuuuuuun