Doom Eternal is GARBAGE

What a poo poo game :expressionless:


would love to know more

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Have to strongly disagree. Super well optimised, has nice quality of life features, fast travel so you can explore for secrets if you wish, a fortress to see your collectibles and spend upgrade points earned in game at your discretion rather than just having linear pickups.


Should’ve buy animal crossing bro


Too much for you to handle zoomer 1533310843215


I’ve heard the complete opposite, to the point I was considering getting it.

I’m more looking forward to Resident Evil 3 Remake though, the demo is outstanding.


Saber…I can not believe you.

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Yea you shouldn’t, I’m sure it’s amazing, will be playing it later :grin:


I couldn’t agree more. Its a disgrace to the Doom name. Doom is supposed to be a down and dirty slug out with gnarly demons that evoke fear. A single marine who is an absolute machine versus Hell’s armies. Doom eternal is a trash re-skin of Doom using the latest in advertising and flashy gimmicks. The neon colored ammo, the strobe-like glory kills, the neon green cracks in doors; these are all ridiculous and ruin the game. Not to mention the constant launching around on walls and ledges to get around. Or the fact you have minimal ammo and have to consistently do lame ■■■ glory kills that looks like it came from a teenager’s cartoon. And health and ammo pours out of enemies with their neon colors to purely demonstrate how much of a watered down joke this game really is. This game shows me that ID sold out and reskinned a legendary franchise into the dream of a methed out kid with ADHD’s dream. Whoever put this out and said it was a good Doom game is either naturally stupid or intentionally ■■■■■■■■. That being said; its a fun shooter. But to call it Doom is an absolute disgrace to what Doom actually is. I really wasted $60 buying this game.

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Yea it was a troll thread initially, then I played the game. Sure I’ll enjoy it enough, and it’s a fun shooter like ya say BUT this play it our way or die approach I’m not in love with, the neon is pretty sucky, too close to rage. Almost done lvl2 but am back grinding endgame on Wolcen over pushing on with doom for the moment. It hasn’t hooked me. I love the old skool health n armor pickups tho, great throwback but yea, this Tony hawk bounceathon I can feel is gona drag.

It’s cool that it’s harder than d16, an the levels n secrets will be great I know but it’s fallen short for me, couldn’t put the last doom game down, already have this one :expressionless:

The final boss of DOOM 2 was a cow skull on a wall controlled by the severed head of the developer. How exactly is it a disgrace?

DEUM Sucks. Here’s my contribution.

Hell, I was skeptical whether I’d like even Doom 2016 after seeing the brightly colored glowing pickups, and what looked to be over the top arcade gameplay, with lots of head splitting via chainsaw. It also looked overly bright. Once I played it though, it looked and felt much better than the pre launch trailers made it look.

Now granted, Eternal goes even farther with the color palette, and especially the platforming and acrobatics you can do while battling, but it’s really just like adding a 3rd dimension to original Doom were it a 2D game. It’s nowhere near as over the top on color as Rage 2 though, which felt like a joke of a game to me.

If you don’t let yourself get distracted by a bit of neon and airborne antics, you find the real difference is it requires more thinking on your feet and strategy, all while staying mobile more often. You see a lot of neon and air antics in the videos because they are showcasing the new stuff. It’s not like you are experiencing those things non stop in game.

That said, once you master the most effective tactics, which are very beneficial on harder modes, you WILL see armor and health rain down like Skittles when you get in good combos. If you are effective at staying mobile though, you won’t need to do that too often. I played up through Taras Nabad rarely using the belcher. I was basically just getting armor via pickups.

To put it another way, there’s a guy on the fan forum that insists (as some others have) that the Marauder is quote “boring because you’re forced to use a specific pattern on him”. At first he was arguing this based on only a few weapons being effective against him. After it was shown via video that in fact many weapons will work on him, his argument is now “I can’t just pulled out my chaingun and kill him like every other demon”.

For the most part, it seems obvious to me most that hate on the gameplay mechanics don’t even know how, or are too bothered to learn how, to play it well. Even the platforming isn’t as hard or tedious as many make it sound. There are even 60+ yr old players (like myself) whom are digging the game and improving tactics consistently.

You could literally put up a thread about any top shooter on this forum though and you’d invariably get the “it’s trash” crowd chiming in. Sure it’s common on official forums to get the usual grouches, but this is probably one of the most abrasive forums in that regard.


Something isn’t right here…

Those “brightly colored pickups” don’t really look so brightly colored or out of place to me. Granted, I don’t play Doom so my opinion may not mean much, but these are similar to the armor abilities in Halo Reach which don’t look out of place despite their reasonably colorful icons. In the same way, those Doom pickups don’t either, to me… more like they are graphically improved and just look more colorful due to advances in technology/software.

But what do I know. Apparently Gears isn’t allowed to have some colors in it either.

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Absolutely love this game, from the music to the graphics, can’t wait to play it again…

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That’s my take, I didn’t play the original games (started with Doom 3), but the main reason we’re seeing “neon” pickups now is the originals, and the hardware/displays they were played on, didn’t have the color gamut capable of producing such hues, and there was certainly no HDR way back then.

Same goes for anything involving physics. It was a big deal just to move in 2.5 D, let alone 3D back then, but now it’s possible to fly through the air in slow mo and literally shoot in any direction.