Dont you guys love when

You get rewarded for your skill cos i know i sure do

oooooo baby

i think gears 4 was really underrated everytime i load it up i get that adrenaline rush feeling that only a true gears of war game can give me, man i really hope gears 6 is good im sure we all do

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The names don’t match up.

The deception!

Screenshot 2021-11-13 8.55.08 AM
I am so immature.

High ping and no caps. :roll_eyes:

Testament to everything that’s wrong with this game.

I wonder if any of those usernames are real.

Its impossible for me to care about winning in these sort of environments just look at my ping my shots hardly ever register, but that match i got lucky and all my shots were hitting… but until TC fixes there awful matchmaking I refuse to get upset trying to win unwinnable matches