Don't Play Ranked!

Hey look on the bright side at least you can get a decent game. I would rather get deranked than have ■■■■ like my points per min and kd destroyed by having to grind on us servers on 120ping when I’m in eu

I only play ranked to get my 1 win a week for the achievement and if any of the “capture x amount of rings” dailies comes up because they didn’t code it correctly to work in anything other than ranked.

Even though I lost all my placement matches in KOTH, it still put me in Silver. What do I need to do to be placed correctly in the Bronze tier?

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I’ve seen shooting delays brought up all over the place today but haven’t experienced anything like this myself. Is this new?

I started after my placement in silver 2, worked my way to masters (Top 40%) and just played today and lost 11k elo… that put me in bronze-silverish elo. So now I am trying to make my way back up again for the second time in TDM. I guess I am still masters in KOTH, but it is kind of ridiculous for the implementation of a system that doesn’t work. I even got mvp and won the match that I lost 11k elo on. I almost always get mvp and win so I am not worried about going back up the ladder, however I would have liked to go for masters in some other modes and then come back to tdm to play against masters players, but now I am starting even lower than I began after placement results.

uhh no offence but how could u even get masters rank from playing 10 games lol no chance… obvi the ranking system wasn’t working properly

and if u are masters rank meaning ur one of the best players thenud really have no problem, getting back there. but 10 games and masters rank I don’t see it

I was gold 3, and now im diamond 1 .
However my two friends that i played with where masters and one of them deranked down to onyx 1. The other one to diamond 1 and back to masters.

If you are master you will end up there again in no time.

I was the top #1 in guardian master now I’m silver and I keep winning but it doesn’t rank me no matter how much I win or mvp it just goes more and more down or doesn’t move at all wtf is going on the rank system don’t rank up just keeps going down I been playing for 4 days now after the dum reset !!!

I think the rank system is based on one playstyle and one game mode. And applied on everything. Therefore it will only work for a few…

Are we still supposed to be getting the 000x46 error?
Thought that was taken care of with this live update?

Logging back in, after the error, I see that my rank fell 15% after the win that did not register.