Don't Play Ranked!

The ranking system has currently gone to ■■■■. Alot of people have tweeted and I’ve had it personally.

I’ve just gone from 13000 tier points, after a win and gaining 200. It’s deranked me all the way to silver 1 with 5000. Also happened to a friend I was partied up with.

If you care about your rank sway away for tonight.


I think the ranks reset today.

I haven’t seen anything about them resetting ranks.
A few master tiers have won a game and been shafted to low diamond


why would they reset ranks this early?

won’t it run for the entire operation?

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Surely if they was doing a mass rank reset they would have said and you’d have to redo placements. Not the game showing current ranks and taking away 1000’d of points after it saying you’ve won some.

I went from Masters to onyx 3 in just 4 matches! I’m super pissed and I really hope this gets fixed and reset back to my masters rank. TC PLEASE FIX

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Maybe the backlog of ranked games played when Gears 5 released that were not recorded are finally catching up causing issues now.

Also it wouldn’t surprise me if they did reset the ranks without telling us, there’s not been too much communication from TC since the game was released.

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That would make sense but it wouldn’t in my case. As I’ve played around 10 execution games total. And it took away 5K

Got to and they say what happened


Too late for me unfortunately

In 5 ish games i went from onyx 2 in koth to silver 3.
At least im not the only one

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Seriously? If so then they must be blind. Or think we’re idiots.

I’m sure it’s the latter


Go to and click on news. This is TC “adjusting” rank lol. I went from onyx 3 to gold 3 at the snap of their special fingers. Let’s just hope it’s fixed now. I’ll grind away this weekend and test it out.

It’s a little weird how much of a decline its given some people.
My koth went up a tiny bit.
But my execution got rimmed haha

Haven’t even checked my KOTH I quit playing cause I was stuck in silver 2. Guess tomorrow will be interesting.

Was onyx 3 now I’m gold 3 game is literally a mess lmao

No matter how bad played I was stuck at Silver 2 in TDM and no matter how many mvp’s I got I was always Silver 1 in KOTH.

If I’m deranked in one and promoted in the other I’ll know its finally working.

Good to know there was something wrong they are trying to fix, but c’mon TC, stop with the surprises. You have staff for public relations, make them work to keep us informed BEFORE ■■■■ hits the fan.

Trying to fix the ping issue

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I’m finally going up in rank. Win or lose, as long as I’m playing well, I’m going up as I would expect instead of being stuck like I was.

I fell from master to onyx in 3 games though all was won … nice patch