Dont play gears 4

Forewarning if you play gears 4 for a couple of days and then play 5 you will want to throw up. You’ve been warned.


Idk about you, but the game seems scratchier than when I played it pre-Gears 5. It’s kinda hard on the eyes even on Ultra 1080p settings.

LuL no. Playing GOW4 would be the thing that makes me throw up.

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Trippin…Gears 4 is str8 gangsta…Ppl dont like wall bouncin and thats why they suck. 4 is smooth af…especially on the X…just sayin


Lmao must like running around in sludge


I’ll never understand why you defend Gears 5, it’s an embarrassment to the Gears of War Franchise and as a game released in 2019 in general.


Won the golden joystick game of the year yesterday. The fundamentals of the game are fine, just needs some polish


Besides GOW1/UE, it’s the best GOW multiplayer from a gameplay perspective IMO. The game’s issues, though major, are peripheral things like tuning, the ranking system, and map variety.


It did not deserve that award. Campaign was decent but the overall game is embarrassing for a company like Microsoft. Fair enough, Hayden, but we go back. You remember the good old days on Gears 3. This game just feels so far from that it’s insane. It’s going to need a hell of a lot of polishing before it’s actually enjoyable.


I agree with that regarding Gears 1 but these peripheral things affect the entire Versus experience and should’ve been in solid working order considering they had a patched up predecessor as a template.


I’m don’t disagree. There are legitimate complaints to make regarding the game. All the “it’s no longer Gears” hysteria is what I usually push back on.

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That’s the worse part of it all, it is Gears and no amount of posts on these forums or wherever else will change that. That’s the worst part because the damage has been done. Yes, 50 title updates will make changes and eventually it’ll be in working order but there were some terrible decisions made by TC that just backfired brutally and left the vast majority of fans in total disappointment.

Personally I wanted them to improve on Gears 4, not apply major changes to such traditional things like the Omen, the Curb Stomp, the Reticles and the Chainsaw.


Cause dudes the delusional apparently, he needs to think his answer

This smelled off so I looked it up. It won best XBOX game, from a British awards group…

I can’t even think of any other Xbox exclusives released in 2019 off the top of my head but I’m sure this is the best one. :smirk:


Arguing with people about their opinions and tastes is a pointless venture as you will never be right about something so subjective. If the game no longer represents what they love about the franchise, then it doesn’t feel like Gears to them. You can have a different opinion, but it’ll never make their feelings wrong.

It’s like a rock band that crosses over into pop. A lot of fans might reject the later stuff while still loving the early work.


I loved Gears 4, but no.

What makes you think I’m here trying to convert people or make them think their opinions are “wrong”? This thread has devolved into others asking why I choose to express my opinion, and now random bozos I’ve never talked to coming around to call me “delusional.” I don’t object to your reply, but I’m not sure why it’s directed toward me.

Because it’s exactly what you did to me in another thread and the post I quoted above alludes to that behavior.

I’m not really trying to pick a fight with you or anything. We’ve all got our own opinions about what’s going on and we’ve gotta respect that there’s a bit of a divide in opinion.
Some of us don’t think of this as a Gears game, and some even think guys like me are fools for liking Gears 4. The last couple years I heard that over and over but I respected their opinion.

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I don’t recall the other thread you’re referring to, but I have no idea what I’ve said in this one that you find objectionable. This is a public web forum; not a safe space for Gears 5 detractors to talk about how much Gears 5 sucks without anyone ever challenging their opinions. All I’ve done here is state my own views.

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I totally agree with you.

Going from playing Gears 5 to Gears 4 is equivalent to going from running in fresh mud to running over hot butter.

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