Don't make the game for casuals. Make that for "FANS"

Is 2019 retro-stuff is “Fashion”. 2013 to 2017 most of the video-games companies went to the path “CASUAL-GAMING”.

Lets see Classic WoW,Resident evil 2 remake, Devil may cry 5, Final fantasy 7 remake, crash team racing nitro fueled, Sekiro. Most of this games are TOP-SELLERS

Devs you are doing a horrible mistake directing GEARS 5 to the CASUAL-PUBLIC instead of real fans. The casuals are not loyal customers they will go back to fornite, apex after 1-2 weeks.

  • You said the GNASHER damage will be between core-competitive. Lets say competitive is 50% range/damage and core 100% range/damage. Gears 5 should have 75% range/damage atm the shotgun feels a 90% is just a CORE-CLON.

  • Wallbounce. I dont mind you remove HYPER-BOUNCE but make the wallbounce responsive like GEARS 4 a lot of us love to play on aggresive on the way we play escalation on gears 4. Now we are forced to play like “CORE-MODES”

  • Casual/quickplay just add the shotgun to all characters this is not overwatch and people will use 5 marcus making him META on this mode.

You still having 2 months to change your mind and dont ruin gears 5.