Don't make skin packs with that much legendary cards

I have buyed more than 50 Lost Souls 2000 c packs and I didn’t get the card I wanted. I have been playing for so long during this halloween event only to get Zombie Anthony Carmine. And because the excesive ammount of legendary cards I haven’t get that one. Now the event is finished.

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I didnt buy I haven’t in a year because I know what these things are meant for. But I tried the 2000 and 400 every gold one I got was weapons and I tried for a week every time I could I spent the most credits I ever have. These were the worst ones I ever worse than the UIR helmetless ones and the lieutenant walker and Jd person. I thought if the game is older they would make them easier somewhat but I guess not :confused: For characters I meant.

You’re complaining that you got too many legendary cards?

With those 2000c Lost Souls packs I finally got enough scrap to nearly max out all the cards for my last 2 classes. I was getting 3-6K scrap after every round of horde because there was such a nice ROI flowing through those things. The XP bonus and pack combo for this event has been the one thing TC has done that felt right.

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No, I mean excesive amount of legendary cards that you can get. Not that I did get much legendaries.

With the loot from all those packs you should more than enough to craft him. After I realized how easy it was to get legendary items from the packs I just kept buying them to convert into scrap - not because I wanted anything from them.

The chances of you getting this specific item is pretty slim. In fact, I bought many packs and to my knowledge I didn’t get a zombie carmine.

At this point in the life cycle, it would be unrealistic to have a reason to re-release every pack (although hope still does appear occasionally), so I would get used to this. New packs are going to be few and far between as well.

You should have enough scrap to create him 20 times if you’ve got anywhere near the scrap I’ve got.

I actually think at this point all past packs should be permanently placed in the store.


Yeah I got a good amount of scrap, but zombie anthony carmine is not crafteable

Yeah the pool of potential cards was far too big. The pack should really have just included the non-craftable skins - so the Zombie Carmine ones and the 2017 Day Of The Dead ones. 6 characters is still alot but at least it would have reduced the pool by half.

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I’ve spended 200000 creds on the lost souls packs…no complains,if theres no legendary cards complains,if theres too many cards,complainig the same,some people just aint happy with none.