Don't let TC find out about this. (crossplay storytime w/ SnubbbS)


I have a dilemma, I need a video game to play at night when GoW is unplayable due to packet loss. To solve this I downloaded Apex for my PC — I used to play Apex a lot when it came out, and I was a below average player BUT I could win games and kill people, and that’s good enough to have fun.

I knew that Apex was crossplay — but I didn’t know how it worked, I thought it was like Fortnite, Warzone & GoW worked where PC & Console are in the same pool and you can match with anyone, and PC players can feast on console players. That is not the case.

After 4 games of dropping in and getting instantly molliwhopped I started noticing that everyone on my team were PC players so I google’d it and uhh

  • How does Apex Legends crossplay work?

When it comes to matchmaking, there’s a few rules to Apex Legends crossplay. If a party consists of only PC players, they’ll only be matched with PC players. The same is true for console players, who’ll only be matched with fellow console players.

In the event of mixed parties, matchmaking will always place them in lobbies with PC players.

So when I’m playing apex im just getting destroyed by KB&M players (as one would expect). Finally something my Series X is good for — avoiding clickers.

Don’t let TC find out that crossplay has been solved, we must keep this secret at all costs.

Cool story lol.

I was going to be so disappointed if this wasn’t a comment.

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