Don't forget Carmine in HORDE MODE! GEARS 5

I wanted to get this off my chest for a while now as a big carmine fan…

I would like to request @GEARS 5 that more characters released also are playable in horde mode and not just in the sh!tty VS modes!!

There is only 2 carmine now available in horde (Clayton, Lizzy) and personally i find this a disgrace!!!

This game is already the worst in the whole series i hope this will discontinue soon by adding this it might be one of the many improvements that yet are needed to be seen.

On a side note:

I also would like to request that building and upgrading fortifications becomes a only engineer feature again if other random ppl buy fortifications in a game it kinda ruïnes the engineer’s vision - job… I’m sure im not the only one who thinks this.

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Is Lizzie a joke for you!? :disappointed:


Sad Lizzie Hours.

Also OP TC said by February they plan to remove the Hero system from PvE so you’ll be able to use them eventually, we’re all waiting.

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TC said Op 5 which should be released in Nov

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During the “Blood Drive Gets votes so People want it,” Stream the other guy (I forget who he was) said that they’re planning for it to be done by February in OP5, not specifically to have it done by OP5’s launch. So they’re unsure if they’ll even have it done in time.

At least I’m pretty sure I remember him saying that. If they’ve said otherwise since then please correct me.

But it sounded more like “We’ll have it done in OP5,” not “Have it done by OP5.”

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Corrected it looked over her.

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Hey, what’s your problem with Lizzie? She is good as Anthony and Benjamin.

I’m also a BIG fan of Carmine Family in Gears, and very disappointed that I can’t play as Ben and Tony in Horde/Escape, but we still had a Lizzie.

My favorite Lizzie line is when she jams the gun and says “uh oh. I think I lost an uncle this way”


@TC_MichaelAOS @TC_Sera
Can you please clarify?

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Woah woah woah wtf just happened.

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Her new Legendary is amazing never had this much fun in gears 5 horde

Anthony!? :thinking:

I dont mind if everyone can buy everything. But i dont like that everyone can upgrade everything. Also Gears 5 is the 2nd best entry in the series. Second to gears of war 3 IMO

“Tony” is short for "anthony":laughing:

Oh it suddenly makes sense now.