Don't even need a full lobby for Ranked anymore

I already knew that the MM for ranked is more than questionable but now I actually managed to get into a FFA-lobby that started with 7 players in total. Also a very balanced match in terms of skill-level. Not.

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Free For All - 8 player


Also, how to embed this video on the forum post?

And search for your GT

Exactly the ranking system has nothing to do with skill otherwise I wouldn’t always bee in matches with one person that seems to win and get 10 more kills than 2nd place. Everyone with the same skill level would have closer results between 1st and last place. This is why I’ll never get the diversify medal because I’ll never win a FFA match. Maybe if they had 5 player FFA I might have a chance. Whoever thought that was god idea for medal was stupid. As an aside I also won’t get the one that requires 25 kills as leader in Guardian because they took it away from CO-OP vs AI

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I can only seem to paste a link to the video on the forums.

I can’t manage to embed the video like how you do.

There’s an embed button if you follow my link.

Did you mean to copy and paste the embed code here? I tried that before, it didn’t work.

Also sorry for derailing this thread. I wanted to send you a PM on how to embed a video but your profile is hidden.

Is it? That wasn’t me. Anyways; I just copypasted the link without any embed-stuff and I don’t see it as embedded either.

I assumed you embedded this here because of this?

I gave up on that and just copy pasted the website link.

Nope, I did the same. Just copy+paste the link.

Weird, its working now.

I created a thread just recently where I had done the exact same thing, but in that case just a link was pasted, and the video wasn’t embedded.

Many thanks!

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