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Don't die with 99% damage

How you can do 99% damage to someone and not kill them or down them is a joke they need to fix that


Looks like OP needs some assistance


Because you didn’t do 100% damage?


Lmao i really know how you feel i got so many clips where i would do 93% 96% 98% 99% damage in a gib range with gnasher

Oh what? Am I now your mathematic attack dog who you sic on anyone who can’t grasp basic maths? Get out of here David. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey. Consider it a privileged. Out of ALL the forum members I could have called on, I picked you

And to the OP - this reminds me of that classic quote from “The Rock” (the film) by the Sean Connery character - “You’re ‘best’? Losers always whine about their ‘best’. Winners go home and fu#k the prom queen.”

So eh… keep trying and give that little extra 1%? You’re not far off!


Do you know how to math???

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Seriously people are so negative I understand math but many times I’ve been killed from 99% damage then sometimes when I do 99 damage they don’t die I just think it should be more consistent and 99 damage should definitely down then appreciate the feedback AoDxltzF4TaL

Don’t worry bud I just did 103% to someone and they didn’t die because of stim in arcade that one drove me crazy… I took a screen shot

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Should be a down from 95%

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Wish I took a screenshot of it but I’ve done 123% damage with an Enfcorcer and the guy didn’t even go down.

You did a 123% because you had them marked…
Happens to me every match

Wow. Why should 100% be a “down” and not a kill?