Don't buy it twice! CAUTION. Edit. Please delete

The Winter Marcus skin you already paid for! It’s in the Campaign! Don’t pay 10 dollars for it! Not even a dollar is right.
Confirmed he isn’t in the Campaign in the winter skin! Thanks guy’s. And sorry!

How can it be in Campaign?

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I’m almost positive I seen him in the Winter skin in the Gears 5 campaign . I’ve even heard others say that on Twitter. Now I’m second guessing myself. I really don’t want to play the campaign again to find out. But if someone could 100% confirm if he is are not I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Marcus never goes to new hope in 5 so he never had winter armour. The armour he wears in gears 5 is the armour he wears in 4. It’s also the default skin for gears 5 versus.

Nah, he doesn’t wear the winter skin in the campaign if I remember correctly. He isn’t even with Kait and Del during “winter” portion of the game.

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Now I want to buy him even more.

The skin is new. He never wore it, since his base armor is technically all he needs.

He appears in the cutackle before Kait and Del head out to New Hope (the E3 2018 scene) but I can’t remember what he wears.

Had a quick peek - it’s not a winter variant - just his normal armour.

I still wouldn’t buy it though.

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I literally said he doesn’t have the winter armour in the campaign

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Closed thread by request.