Don't add operation pack weapon skins in store! please

dear all gears devs @TC_Sera

please add all weapon skins but don’t add operation weapon pack skins in store, people bought them and its not honest to add these skins in store too 6 800 gears coins … i suggest to add all weapon skins but not operation pack weapon skins because people bought them with real money.

suggestion : add overun mod and a new hive all week, no need new horde event in escape map it’s not interesting.
and please add new map in better environment with sunny and beach,

I’m afraid I’m not one of the devs. I do believe @TC_Sera is though or is a direct liaison.

ok fixed sorry

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Maybe the should NEVER add ANYTHING that someone may have spent money on.
Oh, wait - that’s everything. 🤦

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I had this exact conversation with a friend last night and while it may seem “bad” to those that bought it (like me) it is a great improvement for the overall gears population.

Sure it sucks that everyone gets them, but this is not an item that was released a week or two ago, it was about six months ago so in terms of “exclusiveness” I’m more than paid off.

Unless you’re one of those that bought every single item in the store, TC releasing “for free” items that were paid for only in the past benefits the vast majority of players. This way TC gets $$, the players that pay cash get an exclusive item for a while and those that don’t pay get it for free some time later, most likely when the ones that paid for them already got bored or forgot about them.

I like this new store, it can only get better now.


I got screwed on the kryll skins. Spent 2000 iron on the loadouts when they were available only for them to be available for gears coins for free…

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Everyone gets a trophy! :trophy: