Don't add beta tunning

Tuning doesn’t matter when hit detection is terrible. They’re trying to “fix” the wrong thing.


they did, it was the game we played from OP1-2. the pro’s and some gears fans didn’t like it so it was constant badgering to slow the game down. they got what they asked for and look what has happened. It’s Frankenstein’s monster at this point. They should have stuck to the game they spent 3 years developing

it’s no coincidence the game started to take this direction immediately after Ryan left.


I think he initial game was intentionally geared towards noobs with every intention of being drastically changed. I didn’t play or follow any changes from late OP 1 through start of OP 3 though so you may be right . Honestly I don’t care about anything except for the netcode at this point, PvP is completely unplayable and has been since launch, and the netcode is the vast majority of the issue.

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very hard to believe this. they’re not taking a year to overhaul systems, lose money and fan support intentionally. the exodus of talent out of the studio is another sign of division on where the game was supposed to be VS where it currently is.

the game actually sped up with one iteration (I think it was OP2)

We are about to be in 2021 and about to have gears of war feel like 2008 again where everything is slowed and delayed hard aim fest with zero movement. Instead of tackling the main problems which is connection/ping gnasher gib range. Like no one is complaining about the games speed. One step forward with hivebusters 2 steps back with unnecessary tuning changes AGAIN. Instead of fixing current problems and complaints they just doubled them. What’s really going on is obvious

Between Next gen xbox, hivebusters, Christmas/ new years. This is TCs last chance at trying to cater to new players/audience who will drop this game in a heartbeat for the next casual FPS.

The community is already divided but anow TC has sided too much one way. This game has always been torn for fast paced wallbounce aggressive styles vs slow paced hard aim styles. Now the bridge has been burned. Boycott this game if you prefer a gears of war game where you can utilize movement effectively.


Please add the beta tuning. I think it’s on the right track to solving many issues with the game.


There is little TC can do to truly change ping. If you have a crappy internet connection, it’s going to be bad regardless of Microsoft or tc.

And people complain about slowing the game down and not doing “x or y”. In my opinion, TC is looking at the big picture. I can almost guarantee you that the overwhelming majority of complaints are because the game moves so fast and people literally can’t see or time shots correctly that they rage on here for days because of it.

People here complain that delays remove skill. I completely disagree. And it’s not like I’m a bad player. Things like the wrap shot and insane abuse of wall canceling , and up As are just bad for the game.

The delays and slowing down does not prevent you from doing them either. Again it’s the abuse that’s the issue. Those mechanics are for the most part bull crap. And delays are welcomed to limit the abuse.


Agreed, movement will make the wall bouncing less frequent which is good. I hope people’s issues with the Gnasher gets resolved as well.

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This is mainly due to lack of population. And there is lack of population because they keep back stepping to 2006… Shots coming out the middle of the screen… Backpacking… Slow movement… Slow swap speeds… Tc is shooting themselves in the foot and don’t care… It’s bad enough nobody plays this game… It’s only a matter of time before the entire population Is eradicated completely


Lol what an ignorant comment

If a fan base is say 50/50 on something it most certainly shouldn’t be rolled out otherwise what’s going to happen? More players will leave an already sadly unpopular game


I’m fairly sure they out and out confirmed this actually, with regards to certain things at least. The lunge melee is one that comes to mind that they confirmed was only in the game at launch and was always going to be changed.

Edit: however I don’t think we’re necessarily talking the same time scale because I’m just talking about the very initial release iteration with their intent to scale back the noob elements pretty soon. The fact that we’re over a year in and there are still ridiculous connection/netcode issues as well as a general lack of direction is another issue.


This is the direction TC wants to go.

It’s your decision to either adapt to the changes or quit the game.

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Lol this small minority sub who keeps whining about fast movement that’s killing the player base. Tc making the right changes to an actual skill based game not spamming A button like a moron and you guys get worried.

They’ve also already said it’s coming in January due to overwhelming positive responses. I suggest you guys go somewhere other than this hive mind forum for actual opinions


the lack of population is because they dont actually have a competitive ranking system. I myself as a player am giving my feedback that I don’t bother with the ranked in gears is because it lacks any competitiveness(I prob play 10-20 games an operation for silver/gold in 2 modes for gears coins).

Games like League of legends, that started as an indie cash grab game, had solo and stacks seperated from the get go. And what happened? Competitiveness and solo talent shined.

You can be the best player in gears 5, but you cant beat a team of 4 stacks as a solo player 90% of the time. This kills the fun for a lot of players such as myself, who likes solo competiveness.

That’s why I just play LoL. Very good player in that game and I play it plenty because it has a respectable ranking system that isn’t totally crap. People brag about getting onyx-diamond-masters in a game where you can vs bronze when you are a masters and just stack to get a high rating.


Are you not aware that stacks haven’t been allowed in rank for a couple months? Two man teams max. Plus, going to 4v4 means there are more opportunities to carry bad teammates. This is part of the reason gears 1 was loved so much that no one considers. You can absolutely clutch a 1v3, even 1v4 in gears. 1v5 gets ridiculously difficult.

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A two-man squad for Team Deathmatch, yes, but I’m pretty sure that King of the Hill allows four-man squads still, which might be what this person was referring to when they said “4 stacks”.

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not seeing this at all. plenty of threads not liking it with comments from players that do. twitter posts show a split as well as the dev stream twitch chat.

is all this overwhelming positive feedback being sent via DM over twitter or some other back channel?


They don’t give 2 cents about what any of us have to say.

Over 1,000 requests to change tdm back to how it was & they didn’t care & shafted us.

Chopping up a mode that’s stood for over 8-10 years.

They really don’t care.

That’s why I stopped caring to.

Don’t ask anything from TC. They’ll just get mad & find a cop out as to why it needs to be that way.


This dude always praises TC.

Don’t mind this guy.

TC is gold to this dude.

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“They’re adding it they don’t care about any negative feedback even though their is a lot of it just wait it out this won’t be the final tuning they’ll start to notice less people are playing”

They have to have less people playing this one since the beginning. I know some like this. But I have been a Gears fan, like many, since 2006. I had a lot of friends that loved Gears as well. Just will not play this one.

I play today and it is not that good honestly. Played yesterday and not that good either. Yes, I did great. Was match MVP in my match yesterday. It just is not that good. Everyone had solid ping, really good actually, with just so much garbage. I can still say honestly that I should have died a number of times. But other times full point blank for some stupid ■■■■ damage.

I had read it was better and had some people I know tell me they tried it and it was just as bad. They play other Gears games. At least to me it is. MVP or not. And today I play and point blank I see a teammate shoot a player from behind. No luck as the player then reacts and gets a one shot kill. Well my shot was also not a kill from right behind them as they rolled in front of me. Just a mess. One player eating like that just killed the whole match.

Cannot even say much about beta tuning because it varied. Not consistent at all. Was killed at least twice were the player not only was not aiming at me with the barrel but was so far off left, their facing direction, that there is ZERO chance they actually hit me. The replay was like the gameplay. I was to their right and shot them. They shot the air and all the shot counted. My complete shot hits and I get such a low % that i might as well not even shot.

Honestly, I doubt saying anything will do much. I can assume they will go whatever direction they want. I can adjust to the tuning. I just want literal direct hits with a boomshot to kill. Played the snowball mode and the other team was just running straight up to us. I would hit and nothing and we would die. We were just ran over with no chance at all. Direct hits like that were killing us. So not sure the issues. Hoping Gears 6 is so much better than this.