Don't add beta tunning

The game is fine right now don’t go backwards again tc. I don’t know any game that has change the tunning as much as you guys… Its seems like you have the wrong testers. Keep the current tunning before you lose your whole player base.

Do you think by making game slower and making it more balanced for both gens is smart, are you doing this too make the game by newb friendly to try increase pop… Not going to work you will lose all the active long terms players that have been keeping this game alive.

The game is currently doing well, and is alot more active I just don’t understand why you want to add a really bad tunning and ruin it. This is the 9th tunning man come on



It’s a welcome change for me. Think it’s pretty decent, the weapon swap speeds just need to be a tad faster though. Movements feels great in my opinion.


Yes I can tell you are a bot. It has been made for you sir young William


Wrong. I’m not a bot I’m just a Gears 2006+ player who thinks this tuning is better than what we currently have. Am I wrong to have an opinion? Nope, just like you ain’t wrong to not have yours.


They’re adding it they don’t care about any negative feedback even though their is a lot of it just wait it out this won’t be the final tuning they’ll start to notice less people are playing


this is less about player feedback and more about them telling us that this is the direction they’re going with the game.

has any of the Beta stuff been walked back? (not counting the bugs introduced)


I’ve played the game since it has came out the current tunning right now is good… Leave it?!! Can we vote damn they release this live I quit this game


pvp to me has been trash since launch. this will make pvp playable but still doesnt get rid of 2 things

  1. stacks -

  2. getting into games with people 2 divisons above and/or below you. a bronze can vs a master due to this.

I agree.

I created a thread a while ago regarding this issue.

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It’s an opportunistic move (based on the timing of series x, hive busters, etc) to attract and maintain the new players that come along.

They will revert if their numbers show population/sales decreasing past a certain amount.

They literally give zero ■■■■■ about what OP or anyone else on here thinks. It’s what THEIR NUMBERS show that they give ■■■■■ about.

So if you’re going to go on here and say you’re not going to play the game then DONT PLAY THE GAME


Hit the nail on the head here^


Not playing versus is what I do fortunately. Is garbage, I bought Gears 5 thinking on play versus but isn’t enjoyable. They don’t have a f4@#!ck what to do, except listening the wrong feedback so, they can do any change they want, I don’t mind at this point.


I can’t wait for this tuning. Personally, I think the game needs to be slowed down ever so slightly, and I think the beta tuning is steering the game in the right direction.

If you don’t like it, then you know what you said… Bye Bye :wave: … which I totally doubt you’re going to do lol


Honestly, this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes devs needs to put their foot down and make the game they want to make. They tried with Gears 5, failed, but since then, they’ve drastically changed the game every which way based off player feedback. We haven’t had a stable, consistent Gears game since TC took over.


Post a clip plz I’m begging u just let us see how u play because I can tell just by your comment your not good




You my friend are stupid if you’re going to talk like that. Calling someone a bot because they have a different opinion to you? I tell you what I also welcome the beta tuning. The speed of the wall bouncing is ridiculous and the Gnasher is so inconsistent it’s unbelievable.

The game needs slowing down.

Am I going to be be accused of being a bot as well?


Pfffft bot.

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Your gamer tag says it all…clown :joy:


I totally agree with this. They’ve needed to decide on a vision and go for it since release.