Done with gears

I have decided to stop playing gears 5 due to two reasons

  1. gnasher broken

the gnasher is broken every time I use it I die eventually, it sucks.

  1. no sexy Lizzie Carmine naked boob skin

I am appalled that Roddie hasn’t added the sexy Lizzie Carmine naked boob skin despite my numerous phone calls, letters and countless home break-ins.

since I am not playing gears 5 anymore I’m telling you to stop playing gears.


Yeah, I’m surprised as well. I thought TC was all about equality, yet we get gym shorts Fahz but no bikini Kait or sexy southern/midwestern mechanic Lizzie.



I agree, makes me sick.

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I mean, it’s 2020 ffs. When will devs learn… Appalling if you ask me.


First point… fair enough.

Second point…