Done with gears 5

The guns in this gears speacially gnasher has been horrible i expressed my feelings for this game its unenjoyable at the moment so untill the issues are resolved im not going to play anymore


I understand man,… perhaps the recommendation would be for you to do in the following days:

  1. Play Gears 4
  2. wait in march for Moons Studio’s " MASTERFUL MASTERPIECE" = ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS.
  3. Wait until 2 years until Gears 5 its better, right now its hot pile of crap .

But 5 is better then 4 so idk


Depends on how you look at it to be honest.


One game you fire crisp clear bullets and the other game you are throwing pillows.

If the game played like the first all the time there would be no complaints.


I’m with you man. After a second chance I am going to stop playing 5 for a while. Call it lag or ping or pang or just pung… don’t care… but Im not having fun when playing online. Just frustration because of how i feel the game… and these 30 points of the ring in KOTH., please, move it into something that makes us care to get the ring.

Getting back to 4 just for having fun.

  1. Get Monster Hunter World Iceborne as it’s a superior in every way game.

It is, but 4 was not a good game either. So that’s hardly a glowing endorsement.

This game has a ton of potential, of only they’d fix the issues and get everything more consistent.


Gears 5 advantages:

  1. Longer power weapon respawns in Versus, so you can play rather than constantly camping Drop/Frags/longshot/etc spawn points

  2. You can shoot heavy weapons without having to kneel down

  3. No Core gnasher’s stupid range

Gears 5 disadvantages, compared to GoW4:

Everything other than the 3 points above.


Yup that is correct , that game its also good man.

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Eh i disagree to each there own

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you ain’t gonna miss much the game still on test tech :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Been dividing my time between Borderlands3 and Untitled Goose Game. Far more enjoyable than Gears5. No lag compensation stress and no crappy teammates to "jaja " at me.

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I haven’t checked out Iceborne yet, but played the hell out of MHW. Is it worth the $40?

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I am done… lancer, lancer, lancer, that’s all I see… this isn’t why I fell in love with Gears versus, Frack it. Turn a corner, instant lancer down by a bot. Try to grab a pickup, a bot lancers you down from across the map. Add to it that bots know where you are, even if they can’t see you, yeah, no fun here at all (I mean in social, I gave up on ranked a long time ago)…


The game is still relatively new, but yeah, i understand how you feel, i would be Re-Up’ed to 5 or 8 by now if i actually spent more time playing this game, but it it bad, bad and bad.
There is hope, provided The Coalition put as much love in to the game as they enjoy getting paid for it.
Far too many things need or needed fixing, they have started, and eventually these things will be fixed.
Of course for me, some of the things i want fixed, will never be done, so i have to carry on the way i am at the moment, play the game till it pisses me off, have a break and come back.
My issue is with the Engineer and Energy. Energy and and Personal Skills. I doubt they will be fixed, but it would make a better game if they did.
Time. That is all you need.

Well I would have course liked to see things improve from Gears 4 to Gears 5, especially on the consistency side of things. I dont see how in any way Gears 5 is worse than Gears 4. It still seems to be plagued by the same issues.

Pretty much the same story here mate.
I lost it with versus a while back, mostly due to the shotgun firing blanks half the time.
Kept checking in for tour of duty, but quickly realised that I wasn’t actually enjoying the game at all.
Since then I’ve been playing pubg :man_shrugging:


That is a personal subjective opinion, and we all see this through the lens of what WE like, want, etc.

Versus and Horde changes, for me, were a huge step back from what we had in GoW4, so for me, G5 is waaaaay “worse” than GoW4.
Does it have better graphics? Sure… Does it have few good improvements? Yes.

But if I am with few friends and someone says “do you want to play GoW4 or G5 for KOTH/Horde” the near universal answer is GoW4.

So, to me and us, G5 is way worse than GoW4.



I mean I hated Horde in Gears 4, so I see what you mean. I like Horde a lot better in Gears 5 even though its not a mode i have spent a lot of time with since Gears 3. Versus feels the same to me. Especially now that they nerfed the lancer and sped up movement.

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