Dominating in ranked koth then our team mate quit outve no where when we are winning by landslide

This happens way to frequently …Need to make ranked re joinable because i dont even kno why my teamamte left outve nowhere we went from completely dominating an about to win an a guy throws the whole match … So now im stuck playin a 4v5 an they sad part is we still held it down… Im not sure but i think the game recognized this bulls#!+ because i got my points back … Very infuriating when you have a guy quit especially when you are about to win the match


Maybe they lagged out. Been happening for some reason.

Now that you mention it, I noticed some points get restored too, after I rage & go to Netflix & come back to the game.

I’m more upset with playing consistent stacks when I’m solo. Back to back.

Like if there’s a lot of stacks make them go against each other. I mean they wanna stack so let them go at it with other stacks.

That’s what I hate about king. When I went to grid iron I didn’t face much if any stacks. Maybe because I’m a silver in that mode.

Happens all the time. Hopefully most of the time they are being kicked and are not quitting. Recently for me when I check the profile of the one who quit it said FU****** “YouTube”.


I am a diamond every time i play my first match i loseit cause someone quits

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I just made it to diamond (solo) KOTH. Honestly am scared to play more because I know I will get screwed.


I csnt get out of gold because ive always been put on the losing team since gears 4 but always usually at the top of the team but with this ranking system I’m screwed to sit at gold forever, which is bad if you think about it as was diamond 4 in gears 4 haha

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add me I just started playing again was Master when the Ranking system was all messed up.
wanting to get it again but if we don’t play preaseason for sure in official season!

I think you’d have to build your current tier up. Otherwise it would give me bronze and silver players on my team . As a diamond the cost to play isn’t worth that. But I do need people to play with. Edit . If you’re onyx at least.

3 diamonds 2 onyx 3s( 5 stack) …me the only diamond … An 2( two stack) of Golds an bottom of barrel onyx 1s games unbalanced an unplayable. You get guys who cant even handle 1v1s while youre crossin heavy af for them on top of that

I know. This is exactly why I haven’t played a game since I hit diamond. Hell , when I was in onyx they couldn’t even provide me with onyx team mates. So I know it’s worse in diamond . I’m literally about to play though. Might drop to onyx. Litva are you in America?

This is still a problem an yea