Dom Horde Ultimate

I have a really good idea for a horde Ult that would please a few fans who really miss turrets from previous horde modes. This ability is designed with dom in mind seeing he didn’t have an ability assigned. I know in Op5 they are disbanding characters and ultimates.

The ability is designed around a troika turret which spawns when you press Y a few feet ahead of you. Dom or anyone else can hop on the troika for the duration that it is available. When dom or the player using the ult is on the turret, an area of effect is created around the turret. Any player who stands in this field it creates gets a health buff, including the turret user. Any kills made by the turret or the surrounding players Adds to the lethality of the turret.

I don’t have a whole list of skill cards that would be around it, but a troika turret ability would be perfect for Dom. A lot of OG horde players remember and miss the troika in some fashion. Do us a solid and bring it in as an ultimate ability.

Characters and classes will be separated in operation 5. Any new classes will not be tied to a specific character.

Pretty sure doms gonna spawn a truck and blow himself up with his ultimate.


Too soon dude… too soon… :smiley:


With the mad world music at the background.


He’s going to pull out a picture of Maria and the enemy will commit suicide over grief.


Needs a spoiler tag. Next you’re gonna tell me that Tai’s ultimate will be to pull out a gnasher and…you know what, nevermind.


i find it odd the highlighted character doesnt have a horde loadout. Granted i love paduk, i find it weird.

Memento Mori


Yeah, this screams “Dom” more than a Troika does.


I havent had a chance to find out yet, but is Dom playable in Horde? I hope he is.

No… Only from OP5 that will be around Fall…