Doesnt delivery driver Macs sweater get Uber Nasty in a Snatchers belly?

You gotta think about that as your preparing to Escape. All that red fluid. Getting podded and soaking in that stew. Wouldnt it weigh that Cardigan down something fierce? Everyone on your team would out run you. And I can only imagine the smell of that soggy mess. Id start wretching and get my head popped wearing a cardigan soaked in Snatcher/podding fluid. Maybe in 6, you can have a modifier that slows your evade speed if you wear that sweater. Just nasty. And poor planning.


A. What were you on when making this thread?

B. Yes it would be, but it’s a game. Do you think anyone would realistically go into any kind of combat with civilian clothing unless they had no other choice?(putting aside a future where armor becomes partly redundant in favor of personal shields, but that’s not up for debate here)

C. If this is an attempt at bringing back the DDM meme, I’m afraid it might not work.

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Thank you for posting the real topics that everyone is too afraid to talk about


@AmicableWall421 ive been thinking about this for months if not years. That sweater would be a boggy mess. The irony is, I still use him. Knowing that fluid laden sweater is a huge liability. Bc gd it, He looks good in it
He’s got swag for days.

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Tampax Mac? Ok, then.