Does this happen to anyone else?.. Controller wear

Just curious if any others playing with the Tournament control scheme wear out the left bumper. Ive gone through 3 sets since I got my elite controller with the last one only lasting about 3 weeks. The flex point between the left and right of these bumpers are very thin and weak.

It’s possible you had a faulty controller. I know the Elite controllers have quality control issues because I’ve been through about 11 of them due to the sticks becoming loose or even being loose out of the box. You know where you turn them upside down and they pop out and also have weird wobbling to them? My current Elite has been great though so I finally got one that was manufactured properly.

My elite controller would make you laugh with its current aesthetic condition… All the grip material has bubbled and eventually peeled off. The tabs on the back handles are all broken from having to remove them numerous times to fix the bumpers. I have had to get quite creative in order to hold everything together (zip ties, safety wire, etc) haha. I was tempted to buy a new elite controller but word on the streets is they are going to be releasing a version 2 sometime soon?

The rumors are out there but it’s unknown when or if that’s true. I thought we would see it at E3 but we didn’t and then Gamescom came around and all we got were lackluster console bundles and new skins for base controllers. The leaks don’t look all that real anyways because if you look closely all of the buttons look to be recessed into the plastic as if the shell isn’t on properly. That’s not to say it isn’t coming as I recall seeing a Tweet about “Washburn” which should be a controller but when we see it is unknown.

I just thought the sticks on my elite had some wear and tear from toddler abuse and play time. My right stick totally moves up and down and the bottom paddles are loose AF

So far, aside from a bit of stick drift, my elite is ok.

But. I have left paddle set to the A button and sometimes it will seemingly press itself. Usually right after I’ve stopped roadie running and I go to
throw a smoke ill just randomly roll forward. So annoying. I’ve thought about putting a small amount of t-9 lubricant or something on the contact point of the paddle to see if maybe something is sticking as there’s a pretty deep indentation on the green button itself. Maybe the paddle gets stuck inside of it or something. Ah well I’m rambling…

Took about a year for the controller that came with my console to wear out (the RB button is like hanging out of the socket awkwardly) and I play on normal controls

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This happened mid match yesterday. Had to switch my scheme to default to finish. Talk about ackward!!

I played on tournament alt and used my default Xbox controller.
My RS right stick didn’t click anymore but the zoom-in still sort of worked.
And the camera sort of automatically moved or aimed upwards without me moving the RS right stick every few seconds, which was kinda annoying.
The LB left bumper worked completely fine though, even after mashing it several times for wallbouncing.
I got my newer second controller like a few weeks ago.

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Left bumpers are notorious for breaking on Xbox controllers, including the elite.


Yes, my LB would always become a problem with tournament scheme (RB if default). I believe that MS purposely builds their controllers so that they WILL BREAK, forcing you to buy another.

PRO TIP: Do not buy controllers from gamestop, buy them from stores like walmart instead. I cant go into the details but buying controllers from walmart allows you to “stick it” to the man for giving you such a bad product.

My original elite controller, the came with my elite Xbox has been a champ, Works, looks and feels perfect…

My Gears elite controller… I need to replace both thumbsticks which is kind of a bummer because I like the little phrases that are etched on them. I’ve replaced the outside grips because the bubbles, and now the in side grips are starting to peel. Which means to replace that I’ll need to replace the entire back frame… By the time I get done its gonna be a FrankenGears elite controller :frowning:

It seems like they improved buttons with Xbox one controllers but the bumpers are just terrible in comparison to 360. I don’t get it.

Yes it has happened to me multiple times. I was die hard into for honor for like a year, a game, if you don’t know, forces you to use RB like crazy. After going thru controller number 3 all having the same problem, I took it apart and found the issue. The piece in between the bumper and the actual button that sends the signal that you pushed RB (or in your case Lb) is made of very cheap plastic. Once it bends so much, it becomes more and more useless.

Now that I’m back on gears, that’s the main reason I decided against tournament mode and just use an elite controller with cover on a paddle.

I guess you could use an insurance fee to replace your controllers if it happens that often. I had 2 broken Xbox One Controllers so far. I hope my new controllers last at least 1 year.

I do that too, but I’m on my 3rd Elite controller because the paddles press on a plastic piece that eventually gets indented and less responsive. Finally switched to using a mouse on pc for my A button. Hope they release that Elite 2 soon, though I’m sure that will have something wrong with it as well.

The lb broke on my elite and i don’t even play tournament i play classic alternate

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$250.00 for a controller that has a 90 day warranty to have this happen… You would think they would have done some testing or used some sort of glue that can stand up to heat and moisture. Considering those are the conditions that these controllers are put through…

There is no way to replace these without replacing the entire back of the controller… Which is almost impossible to find… #Annoyed

I used my other Elite controller just as much as I have used this one, and there is nothing wrong with it…

You are not alone sir. Did the exact same thing. Ive since switched back to regular controllers because they just don’t last.

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I have so far killed a std controller with tournament controls. Back left bumper. Moved to elite and mapped A to a paddle worked great for a while then back left bumper died again. Got a replacement from Amazon. (Noice) same thing happened, this time out of warranty. Moved to scuff and a year and a half later it is covered in duct tape and I’m playing nornal. Went from mapped to tournament to normal as my controller died. The back buttons are a really poor design as someone mentioned and until they change this little money maker I’m buying normal controllers. Interesting about the elite 2 might see how the reviews go. Looking forward to Gears 5.