Does the PC icon still appear in horde and escape lobbies?

I don’t think anyone ever complained their PC teammates was aiming too good or anything but I swear I haven’t see a PC icon in horde for a hot minute. I assume the icon was just removed from PvP but am I wrong? Sorry if this is a duplicate topic. I prefer the icon because I can tell that they almost always have chat on which is helpful in certain situations.

Edit: Apparently I need to clarify. People say PC pvps are too good but nobody complains if a PC player plays horde and aims too well because it’s an advantage for the team. I thought this was obvious but I guess it isn’t lol

No, I’m sure it was removed entirely for the sanity of us mere mortal console players.

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You can usually tell a player is on PC from an endless wall of text in the game chat.


Or checking the Xbox profile.


I check everyone’s profile before we start because there is no way I am playing with cheaters :smirk:



It is objectively way more difficult to play PVE on mouse and keyboard than controller in Gears 5. The aim assist on controller in PVE is absurdly high.

I’m guilty of this. I had to give a man my entire story on why I would’ve won the match had my fingers not been so fat causing me to misroll into his shot during a 1v1 execution situation. He then solely replies with “Gg”

I go to bed rather upset.

Is it anything wrong to have PC players playing in PvE?

or players using controller want to find superiority towards those PC players?

Why people love to label everything they don’t like?

I’ve played on both by now, and I don’t know if I’ll say I’m an expert at mouse & keyboard but I was also equally good at controller too. Some of the times, I make movement, button press mistakes that I wouldn’t make on controller, and I have better muscle memory for faster reaction on controller as well. I’m not that fluent with keyboard although I’ve gotten better. I’m not used to clicking mouse wheel to zoom in Sniper scope, meanwhile I am with RS on controller. Stuff like that. Other games like Back 4 Blood & Alien Fireteam on PC, I’m good with controls from the get-go. I haven’t tried a melee heavy class that much in PvE on PC mouse and keyboard but I would be spamming the F button… I do it okay in Escape, and figured out E button is meatshield. Some of the time, I would used to take cover to dodge Reject or Elite melee but I haven’t learnt how to do that on mouse. I have to look at cover then spacebar? Meanwhile, I could just look straight at Reject on controller and sideways take cover. I have noticed I aim and spam Snub / Markza much better on mouse like double Snub headshots in 1-2 second, but I was already pretty good with Markza on controller.

You’ve obviously never come across a PC mouse and keyboard Marksman before.

They don’t miss.

Good luck trying to kill anything with one of those in your game.

Not complaining, simply pointing out fact.

On PC, it’s easier to aim upwards and downwards because of different elevations like Blood Drive, while on controllers it was easier to kill enemies on even ground like Overload and Allfathers Arena, just aiming left and right. I still have trouble headshotting moving targets that walk sideways on both setups. Unless there’s way better mouse players who score consistent headshots on moving sideways targets.

??? I said nobody would complain about having a good teammate? Wym?

It honestly doesn’t matter. The game on PC has got progressively worse with every update. I’ve managed to order a series x this morning and will be selling my graphics card.

I can get at least £348 for a card I paid £330 for 2 years ago.

I’m hoping PC parts crash in value eventually I remember when it used to be the cheapest and most efficient gaming method before crypto mining and the chip shortage :sob:

I don’t even play on a typical PC setup anyway. I’ve got my PC plugged into my living room TV and use a controller. I don’t even own a mouse anymore. I use a keyboard/trackpad in one.

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I didn’t mean to you, but to all players who think PC players should be labelled because they’re too strong dominating PvE.

Not the first time someone pissed off and rage quit because PC players are killing everything in horde that they can’t even do anything each wave.

I’m not pissed at PC players in horde. Especially if I’m doing a daily on master lol.