Does the new currency system discredit the tour of duty?

Just wondering what people think? Now that most things can be purchased through the store does it make you less interested in completing the tour or duty? Or going for certain medals?

Personally I think the new currency system is a great move going forward but I’ve found myself caring less about checking the tour of duty and just playing what mode I want and not worrying about unlocking certain things.

The tour gives tons of currency, so it is a great way to “earn” the coins to purchase the specific items you want (as well as the items that are tour locked).


I don’t think it gives everything. You can earn Commando Dom through ToD but if you want original Dom, you need to get him from the store. You can get UIR Cosmonaut by getting to General on ToD, but if you want the basic UIR male or female soldier, you have to get from the store. And so on.

I think it’s good to give people the option, different ways to earn lots of good stuff.


Ya they both hit it on the head… you get alot with it… and even with them adding tour skins to the store, there’s still a cut off point, dunno how high that is, but certain items that were so high won’t ever be there… like Team Rock Skins, Blood Red Speaker and The Ronnin, the previous general ranks are supposed to never go there… so if you want anything from the tour your best to go for it because we don’t know what that cut off is, so why risk it? Plus again, ton of Currency to be gained.

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I mean, I like it because I can put it towards skill cards now, rather than rewards that I will never use.

But I do kinda miss the old system, it could incentivise you if you had a decent reward behind it.

I’d always be interested in ToD in order to access the exclusive items that cannot be purchased in the store. Especially when they’re cool looking, like that ‘zero hour’ weapon skin set. I also like that I’m not getting banners from TOD every other rank, but I dislike the UIR Cosmonaut… He seems a bit bulky so I’d probably never play with him.

That’s how I felt for operations 2 & 3. As a mostly PvE player, I found myself wondering why I was working towards General for a Swarm skin.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:cry: but Armoured Ronin Kantus is my guy…

The UIR Cosmonaut is the greatest skin released in the ToD so far, IMO. What could say badass like blasting someone’s face off while dressed up in a space suit? Ronin Kantus is a dud. I’d much rather sport my CS Kantus or even the Stalker.

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I liked the banners for reaching certain ranks from the Tour.

The stalker skin looks like a cross between caterpillar cosplay & pajamas… I would NEVER disrespect Kantus by putting that on him, & I always take the time to execute anyone I see with it on

The only thing I’m worried about ghost is having to much coins accumulated and not enough content to buy. The reason for that is I don’t play Horde as much so I don’t upgraded the cards. I only have a couple characters with upgrades. So I pretty much bought everything I wanted from store, had everything else already unlocked and just from playing already I still have 20k and climbing.

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You got everything you wanted with 20K left over and you are complaining? Wow. Must be nice. :roll_eyes:


Not really imo, I do hope the stuff actually in the tour of duty stays exclusive from this point on though, otherwise they might as well just make the tour coins only

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Did you buy the pink camo weapon skin set? :thinking:

Honestly doesn’t matter to me in the long run. Atm yes. I have all these pretty looking coins blowing a hole in my pocket :wink:. It’s just I wanna be able to spend them on something. Even a outrageous amount for like a week of boost. I play alot. Even though I’m glad we accumulate after max TOD been reached. I still wanna be able to use them on something. Lots of bloodspray to buy. But really why? I’m just hoping we get a steady drip of new cosmetic to buy.

They have said that they will continue to add contents both new and old. :grinning:

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No I haven’t. Funny how I didn’t get a notification that you replied to me. Sorry about that wasn’t ignoring you. Was scrolling and came across this.

No probs…

I do appreciate the amount of coins offered in the TOD, but I thought they would be an added bonus, not the featured items. There are twice as many coin rewards as there are cosmetics.