Does the Infiltrator's Blood Resonance card affect the Overkill?

I’m not exactly unsatisfied with the Overkill’s performance when I unload on a boss or Scion at point-blank range as Infiltrator, but it doesn’t seem to annihilate them like I expect it should.

It does but remember they must be bleeding first.

Try to use a Cloak shot with the Overkill, particularly directed at a weakpoint. It can be on Demo levels of effectiveness at wiping them out or keep a Swarmak perma stunned from a blister getting destroyed.


This is correct, You can dominate The Gatekeepers by timing your cloaked shot just as you come out of the ultimate when hitting a blister. In fact, on some shots the ulti is nearly charged all the way again so you can repeat almost immediately.

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Just spray the entire magazine into the big guys and they will bleed out if your cards are maxed