Does the Coaltion/Microsoft have the idea to bring back Cliff?

Do you guys think the Coalition has the intention to bring back Cliff?

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I doubt they will… But I’ve been wrong before (divorced lol)


I will be shocked if they did. In another post I said I’m not saying Cliffy B will be the savior but if they brought someone in from the outside and fixed it, that would make TC look even worse as a company.

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Tbh I have no idea something is telling me they don’t want to, but they should bring him back as lead designer. I believe Cliff knows what fans want in a gears game. For me if Cliff returns we should see…

-Better art style

-return to detailed gore

  • better physics/destructible environments

  • better campaign

-fun and rewarding multiplayer

I know it takes more than one person to make a game but the lead can help mold the game according to his vision and take other developer ideas if needed. I believe thats how we got Gears of War. If Microsoft were smart they would hire him otherwise fans will just lose hope in the franchise. Id say his return would be a win($) even if the game is bad…it likely won’t be…it would be Cliffs chance to make a come back im sure he’d give his all to make a masterpiece for Gears

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He said he’d only return as a consultant, of sorts, as opposed to Studio Head or anything similar in authority.

But even he couldn’t save Gears 5 now. It’s already cemented as what it is; a glorified Live Beta that barely resembles a Gears of War games traditional values and style.


We’re talking about a guy who didn’t believe in pick-up weapons. He wanted a Counter Strike purchase system instead which is exactly what Arcade mode is now.

Cliffy isn’t your savior. He’s a Lancer heavy player who would nerf the Gnasher into non-existence if he had his way. No thank you — keep that guy as far away from this game as possible.


Well said! If TC would have listened to the community from the beginning we would not be in this mess. They thought they knew what was better for the community plus catering to the new people and it backfired big time!

RB for chainsawing, omen, hero system for horde, were issues from even before launch they knew about and ignored or just give it a try. All issues of them trying to make Gears NOT gears and trying to reinvent the wheel. Not sure if it’s ego or the incompetence of the developers. Either way the game population pretty much sums everything.



I’d first like to know Cliffys plans and intentions before seeing him return. He was the original “Rod” before Rod, all throughout Epic. People literally forget Rod and him were the duo.


I think the most important part of Gears is the identity…art style, gore, dark campaign, weapons comes first before multiplayer. Gears 123 great games lead designer cliffyb so in that aspect yes he is the savior of the identity. Like I said other developer ideas play a part as well rod ferguson came up with the character unlocks for gears 3 but look what we got in gears 5… opinions and ideas can change over the years


The community made it a Gnasher game but Cliffy always wanted it to be about the Lancer. Like it or not, his input would lean more towards the Lancer than it already does. I’m good without him here just like I’m good without Rod Ferguson. Now, only if they could send Ryan Cleven packing while they’re at it.

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I understand how you feel on the multiplayer side of things trust me I hated the sawed off, retro, and hammerburst as starting weapons in gears 3 and the gnasher hip fire hitting the ground on gears 2 but I want Gears 6 to have that gritty vibe that we had in 2 and I just think Cliff could help pull that off. I feel like developers today feed into this sensitive era of social media causing games to lose their potential. Just the overall look and feel of the game is why I want him back…

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I stated in another thread that sometimes you should be careful what you wish for. You and Krylon’s comments are why I said it. Going back is rarely good imo.


I liked the Campaign, the only thing i did not like was all the bugs and crap at launch, and most importantly, all that space to roam is empty. It would not have hurt to put in random groups of enemies to have made it more exciting. Currently, the exploration is great, but so much wide open space and nothing in it, defeats the object in my opinion.


I imagine Cliff wouldn’t take a position that requires him to work full time or move to another state. He would probably be in an advisory position. Even after Lawbreakers bombed he probably doesn’t have to work anymore. If I was Cliff id be very upset at how TC handled my game but at the same time id be like “Your mess. You clean it up”

Then whats left? What hope remains for Gears 6? Rod out of the picture, Cliff not consulting, and if Ryan were to leave, you somehow assume Gears 6 would be better off?

Look, I know all too well the influences that have come from both Rod and Cliff. I know the stories of how mad Cliff got when players started using the Gnasher way more in Gears 1 MP than the lancer. I know about Rod wanted to put his own spin on the series in 4 and 5. I know Ryan never played a Gears game in his life before being hired by Black Tusk. However, remove all these guy from the picture now, and what do you really think Gears 6 is going to look like? My honest and sincere guess would be Judgment 2.0. There are very few people in the gaming industry that truly understand what makes Gears Gears.


Pick Ups are a part of Gears.

I’ll never forget the Weapon Slide and Reverse Weapon Slide and then all those stand still shots!!

Plus the race to grab them and what not.

Lets not forget the crab walk or the boomshield+shotgun glitch ><

Only in Private Matches :sweat_smile:

Glitching out Gridlock was always fun!

This thread :joy:

Cliff designed the original game to be CQC-focused. They didn’t even want a scope on the long shot initially.

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The campaign was not bad but since its the 5th installment i expected much more…

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