Does The Coalition Understand What a Good Unlock System is!?

Does the Coalition understand how to make a good unlock system for characters? I recently fired up Gears 5 to see how to unlock The Locust Drone and I am throughly disappointed. Unlocking the Locust Drone requires the same tedious grinding that the other characters required. 60,0000 exp and being forced to play horde to unlock a PvP only character!

This is obscene the Coalition wants me to pay for characters despite the fact that I bought the game full priced? And I should devalue the game by shelling out cash to play old characters that have been staples of the gears franchise!


Its boring and tediousā€¦personally i dont do these grinds as my time is valuableā€¦but theres nothing worse than forcing horde n verses playersā€¦into each others game modes for crappy tatā€¦but at the same time hindering/spoiling gamesā€¦cause u simply dont want to be there in the first place :thinking:

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No, they do not.

At this point, why even give them feedback when they seem so disconnected from the community and our problems with the game.

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I had to choose to grind out only one character, the locust drone. I assume the locust drone is going to have a bunch of alternate skins, such grendier, sniper, etc. So if I donā€™t unlock the character, I will never get to use its potentially incoming skins. The progression system, the tour duty and character unlock system are joke. The progression system is a huge step back from Gears 4, a game that had loot boxes.


According to some everything is unlocked with little or no effortā€¦like yourselfā€¦i beg to differšŸ¤”

Spot onšŸ˜

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Agreed. It feels tiring than fun. I thought games were supposed to be fun not frustrating.

I actually started playing horde on elite difficulty to gradually unlock the locust drone. I played over 25 waves of elite difficulty horde and the rounds were properly counted in the challenge!

I have objectives being tracked on the Braid Totem (which I didnā€™t) craft !