Does that guy just have one hand on his gnasher

Whats up with that? I see it pretty regularly.

It’s a weird glitch where you quickly cancel throwing a nade then switch to a weapon and your character one-hands it. I wasn’t able to pull it off on PC for some reason. Not like there’s any benefit to it other than looking ridiculous anyway.

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It makes you one of the cool kids, just like how everybody used to point their snub in the air at the end of the match in Gears 3.


I remember when I used to be that cool :grin:

Now I worry about where my bullets could land and who could get hurt

The noise

The waste of resources used to produce ammo

And the unnecessary pollution of brass into the local ecosystem

:expressionless: such a friken square now


Actually you do benefit with heavy weapons. I use this glitch as Clayton all the time.
It lets you shoot over a cover easier because the bullets come out of the barrel higher. If you carry a heavy weapon normally you can’t shoot over a cover if you just stand behind it, you have to lean at it and aim with your gun laying on top of it. With this glitch you don’t have to be in cover.
It makes it also easier to shoot enemies behind cover because of the higher angle with which your bullets fly.
Your weapon won’t fall over to the top so often if u get it shot out of your hands, because you dont have to lean at the cover, but you loose accuracy while shooting without being leanded behind cover.
And of course it looks the most ridiculous with a heavy weapon, especially the tri-shot :grin:

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It’s commonly done by those wishing to express pride in being the result of generations of successful inbreeding.


TC is aware and it is getting fixed,

as per

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Nooooooooooooooo! Its my favorite glitch

Genuinely curious why they even bother with the trello-garbage. There’s like 8 things on the known-list and things like the FL causing frame drops and this get swept under the carpet.


There are a lot of things we are working on - this board will not show everything.

We will show the big issues players are talking about and facing, along with the things that we can share progress and information on.

^so why aren’t these added?

Good question.

I believe it gets updated on a weekly basis, but I don’t have any insight as to what is chosen to make the list or not.

That would be a question for TC

Just had another glance at it. Some things make zero sense. “FFA stats not tracking” is marked as “community help need”. What do they expect? Us coming up with a solution for their spaghetti-code?

Bug reports, people sending in details of the matches they played so TC can more easily look into it.

What for though? Is it too much to ask of TC to play a single ranked FFA and checking their own stats? Things like this can be easily replicated.

Imagine I play 10 matches one day and I tell TC one of them was bugged. They get to the ticket weeks later and I have played 100 more matches. It would make it much much easier if I could give them the details so they knew where to look.

The more information they have the easier it is to track things down.

Correct me If I’m wrong but the FFA stat doesn’t work at all. So each of these matches would be bugged.

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and that is a fair point, I am not sure as I am Aussie on PC and I can’t ever find one, so haven’t tested personally.

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Come on sing it with me:

“Cause I’ve got one hand on my Gnasher, and the other one is givin’ a high five”

Is everything gonna be fine, fine, fine.

Looks funny and can give you an advantage in certain cases. I’m doing it pretty much all the time now just for funsies until it gets patched.