Does TC really care about us?

Does TC really care about us?
I think not because he only listens to the esport but not to the versus community, it is sad to see that people ask for changes to the shotgun, the absurd damage of the lancer, remove the active reload (THAT MADE THE GEARS SAGA UNIQUE) and the time to shoot in a cover. TC only cares about esport because only TC listens to them, they were the ones who asked for these changes, I hope TC listens to us because operation 6 is a garbage in content and the poor map that nobody plays, I hope TC listens to us before caring about esport that is slowly falling down.


Some eSports players are whack, especially youtubers.

Shadowz and RazoredEdge are trash lol; these are the ppl making suggestions to TC


even shadowz gets upset with the games state sometimes but he somehow forgets it when new content drops


OP is right. Lol they keep pushing the esports trash and hear them out rather than the actual players that enjoy this mess of a game even while it’s on it’s last legs. I doubt they even play their own game just looking at some of these changes. I’m scared to buy any characters with actual money because of all the nightmares I’ve heard about players not receiving skins, it’s an absolute joke of a “company”


This stuff isn’t measured by player satisfaction anymore. It’s all about influencers, twitch viewership and people yelling at each other across an esport stage.

they wont notice forum outcry but they will notice a popular youtube/twitch/esport personality

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I would say after two games “fail” they don’t care about the community. Good thing they have the bank(microsoft) to back them because a normal business would be out of the job. Best thing don’t buy anything from them.

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Active reload is horrible, I’m glad that they removed it from the game. Battles when they work are actually more fair.

Gears is still Gears, that assumption that TC made Gears un-unique just isnt true. the gnasher tuning is questionable and the movement as well, but I still am playing gears. that feeling never left, but my enjoyment on the other hand? thats debatable. but TC hasnt stooped that low.


“Anya, are you seeing this?”

You really think so? the active recharge was very attractive.

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Neither of them are esports players lol


you can still hit an active, but you dont get the damage boost. thats all, and im ok with not having it.


I swear complaining about active damage is more popular for casuals than it ever was for esports players. I don’t know if I’ve ever even heard a teammate complain about actives lmao.


So, that’s a bit of a loaded question…

Dose TC really care about us?

TC as a corporate entity owned by the largest software company in the world, does NOT care about us. Microsoft got into gaming for money, they published Gears 1-J for money, they purchased the IP from Epic for money. Any for profit business that exists today does it for money and ultimately doesn’t ‘care’ about its customers.

However, much like any company out there, TC is not just a corporate entity. It is comprised of hundreds of employees, real human beings. I am certain that the vast majority of those employees care deeply about the work they do and appreciate this series’ most dedicated players. I am willing to bet, scrolling through the hundreds of threads of hate and complaining isn’t easy to stomach and most who may see it wish they could fix all the problems that plague the game.

I am sure some of the ‘faces’ of TC truly care about us and the future of the series, but there is only so much they can do by themselves. The fact is, Gears 5 had an abysmal launch and it has been in recovery mode ever since. However, you cannot deny the changes that have been made since. TC is truly trying to save this series.


Nope! They made very bad changes just to please the e-sports players

No. It’s a firewall of carefully put together replies. There’s nothing human or relatable about it unless they are hard pushed by the community and they have to conceed and say it’s all about the “community”.

Cash is king and that’s all you need to realise. If you are spending then nothing the general community wants will ever transpire.

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:joy: :joy:

Oh Jesus, that made me laugh.

Seeing “TC” and “care” in the same sentence.


so you think that everybody at TC are a bunch of heartless monsters? I doubt that. I complain alot but I have no doubt in my mind that there are diehard fans who love what they do but maybe they are in small numbers.

The “corporate overlords” absolutely don’t care. Well, beyond the money making potential.

But they aren’t the same as the developers who may care more. There can be a difference between what the people who only care about the profit and those who are actually making the game want. Case in point, Cyberpunk 2077, minus the degenerates who were sending death threats because god forbid a game is pushed back to be released in a better state.