Does TC look at facebook feedback?

so im on fb a decent amount and i always look at the comments which to me compared to the forums is more negative about things.

so i was wondering if they look at those comments? i know they probably dont look at the trolling comments but there are some good top comments that have great points.

I think Twitter is their man go too…also I’m not sure if they can govern FB…I mean I know it’s their page but its social media…I bet they look at every social media platform they have but who knows how much feedback they use from it…people think this community here is toxic…they looking at FB or Twitter and then come here and tell me this forum is toxic

i find that ridiclous because i feel like there is a lot of good feedback off of fb, probably better feedback than the forums at times. i used to write alot on fb in hopes they will see it which made me come to the forums.

tbh the forums are a small community… i see peoples g tags often.

I mean I am sure they take feedback but I never see them respond to any posts…at least I dont anyway

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I don’t care about Facebook so I come straight here where I know they are listening.

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There is a difference between looking at feedback and answering. The fact that they are on many different platforms, Twitter, Reddit, FB, doesn’t mean your feedback falls on deaf ears.

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Wait…you mean they listen?

Yes they do otherwise Xbox One X and Xbox One S would have never been born.

TC has nothing to do with Xbox One X being born bro

Oh yes they do it was my idea i posted it the whole project scorpio idea was me it came out on my birthday just like i told phil spencer


I hope they give you a percentage of the sales

I would be happy with just 1 million lol but I’m pretty sure they never thought it would be successful.